Change of season

Shifting perspective
From drifting to selective
See the log on the river flowing
towards the waterfall in the mist glowing
The hand of God will move at His will
May I be found following still
For like summer turns to fall
so does life turn with God’s call
And as winter changes to spring
Can you hear the angels sing?
Though winter may be dark and grey
God never leaves and will hear me pray
And so, like the nature has change of seasons
So does my life change for His reasons.
Never give up on me Lord, in silence I pray
During the dark hours and grey trials of my day
His answer will come in time if I listen
May I be careful to accept His change of season


Seasons of change

I had a blog post all lined up in my head, but then I looked at the blank draft waiting for words and I couldn’t put a word on it. After I got the Liebster blog award nomination and feeling the thrill of that honor – when I am so unworthy of such – I have been more conscious about what I write on my blog. I mean; Readers of my blog should be wanting to return and read more… right!?

I had a wonderful blessed week full of incredible fellowship, deep and honest sharing with gorgeous Jesus-girls 3 days in a row and feeling spiritually full, but then Thursday came and my calendar was free and I saw a day of relaxation ahead of me, but then my body was tense and I was  both sleepy and worn out. I spend the day in front of the tv watching my favorite shows – “Touched by an Angel” and “7th Heaven”. Actually I’m a bit of a trekkie… star trek… but I’m getting a bit sick of all those shows where God isn’t even in the equation!

Today I have only a short time to actually jot down what is on my mind. And yet I’m babbling about wonderful fellowship and my favorite tv shows… duh! I want my posts to be meaningful. I want the words I use to encourage someone and show whoever is out there, that the Lord is right there next to you and He will not ever let you go! No matter what you do or what season of life you are in.
My blog began as an outpouring of my heart in the hope that it would Bless someone along the way. It changed once my story dealing with stress was written, to my daily life stories and how God works in my life. But at this point in my life, I want to use this page to be a witness for the glory of God.

I’m in a season of changes and though everyone is all the time in one way or another, for me and my family the changes were huge mountains and I have had to truly bow my head and bend my knees acknowledging that God is sovereign. It took some time for me to get to that place where my hands went up and my heart became a childs. But God answers and He is faithful and loving and wonderful… and I am emerging on the other side of these huge mountains because He has moved them for me. I’m coming out of my season of changes…
Yes, there are changes ahead of me. I know my dad is on the edge of death, my daughter can become unstable again at any point, we’re broke etc… but I have the peace of God that just is unexplainable.

So I began a painting. A new painting which originated in the marketplace of IKEA as they sold me the picture on a big canvas. I covered it with white and it has been like that for several months. Now, I have added a blue sky and a few sentences printed on paper. The painting will change again, but in the end when it’s done, it will be a reminder for me that whatever the season, God is in it!

Photo on 4-17-15 at 9.29

With love in Jesus!