Guest post on Song of Virginity

I’m happy to introduce the latest guest post on Song of Virginity :

Harmless fun?

Daniel struggles, as so many others, with sexual sin but is clinging on to Jesus as he fights this! Jump on over for a good read and when you’re done… go visit his blog “minus the cynic”

Love in Jesus

Every-day view on the streets of Tokyo


Art – throwback day

I was just upgrading (or actually downgrading) my entire iPhoto on my mac and it turned into Photos… (and a real not-up grade of the program). However, it made me go through some of my many photos and I found some very old ones taken before I left for Japan 12 years ago, as the original paintings were left with my dad in Denmark.

Today most of the paintings are… gone.
But the photos will stay…  These paintings are not inspired by God, but I do have fond and maybe not-so-fond memories from making them (one of them is my way of expressing my moms death).


photo 2_1024photo 4_1024 2

Photo 3Photo 49photo 1photo 2photo 3