Scenic Japan

We had some short trips around the Kanto region this summer. I took some photos trying to catch the scenic beauty and atmosphere of Japan. For your enjoyment: 

From Hakone mountain area (Mt. Fuji): 

From the city of Yokohama – downtown area:

From Chiba prefecture. Across the bay from Tokyo: 

Wind, sand & coastline 

A perfect stroll along the beach. Nice temperature and only a gentle breeze brushing your hair and you can just imagine the Kodak moment… Today was not one of those days. 

Today the beach near Kamakura, Japan had wind speed around 7 km/h and I stopped counting the surfers and windsurfers gliding on the water like fairies until they suddenly took a dive beneath a wave. 

The sand in this area is not white! It’s so grey that when it’s wet, it’s more black than grey. Today the wind carried the sand upwards to cover the stairs, it got into every ear and found its way in between each hair on every head. 

The sun was shining through the clouds and the small island of Enoshima was covered as if in a mist… But it was in reality my eyes  trying to see through the sand flying in the air. 

But I took some nice shots.