Oh Lord, You are mysterious.

A wondrous miracle of joy delirious.

Who could possibly explain this mystery.

Who wrote the entire history.

What was and what is yet to come.

Alive today to overcome.

Oh my Lord, what a mystery You are.

Shining bright You are the star.

Through any battle, darkness and pain.

You always remain the same.

Even when I fall and shy away.

Your gentle voice whispers to say:

“Come back, come back and stay –

My light is IN you, don’t hide away”.

Oh my Lord, what a mystery indeed.

For a people unfaithful, ungrateful You would bleed.

To take my sins away

And yet I stumble and become a demons prey

Time and time again You whisper my Name.

For You are faithful and will always remain the same.

Oh my Lord, what a mystery You are!

The simple truth

In the midst of chaos what breaks through?
A sweet sense of something true
In the center of heartache so tense
A little light suddenly makes sense
When despair creeps inside the heart
And there doesn’t seem to be a new start
Then the light of the world will break through
And shed light and peace with the simple truth
The truth about love, about Jesus and God
And all of heavens angels applaud

For when loneliness drives the heart to despair
Or sadness has the weight of a bear
Or when it feels like nobody cares
Then Lord Jesus will bring refreshing new air
He will tear down the walls
He will answer any call
He will wrap His arms around you
Protect and see you through


Numb yet full

This morning when I yearned to pray

I found that I had no words to say

It’s not that my heart is empty nor full

It’s more like my heart feels numb or dull

The contradictions are mounting higher than high 

While my body my spirit and mind breaths a sigh 

I can’t explain nor understand

God’s way is higher than any man

And any man such as my dad

Shouldn’t lay in pain and as sad 

But, there is not much left of the dad I knew

The one who grabbed a gun to walk in the morning dew

Now he is screaming in pain 

And all my prayers feels in vain

And yet I see Him, my God, answer my call

When I ask Him to break down a wall

So I can show my dad who the Lord really is

Jesus gives the moment of clear bliss

Oh God, my one desire in all of this

Is that people will meet You and feel Your kiss. 


Change of season

Shifting perspective
From drifting to selective
See the log on the river flowing
towards the waterfall in the mist glowing
The hand of God will move at His will
May I be found following still
For like summer turns to fall
so does life turn with God’s call
And as winter changes to spring
Can you hear the angels sing?
Though winter may be dark and grey
God never leaves and will hear me pray
And so, like the nature has change of seasons
So does my life change for His reasons.
Never give up on me Lord, in silence I pray
During the dark hours and grey trials of my day
His answer will come in time if I listen
May I be careful to accept His change of season


The Joy of the Lord

This poem is one I wrote some time ago, when a friend of mine had a baby in the ICU with two collapsed lungs. It was a tough time and yet, in the middle of the night I woke up and jotted down these lines in about 5 minutes time.

What is happiness compared to the Joy of the Lord
In this world any happy moment can be cut by a sword
The only true happiness comes from the One who hung the stars
The everlasting Father brings joy and is never harsh
He is loving, kind, patient and all we should be
Instead we often take for granted how easy life can be
Satan has permission to sift us like sand
Troubles and struggles hides the joy as it can
Be grateful for the Lord brings joy and mercy and love
And His Holy Spirit as soft as a dove. 

Blessings in Christ

My help comes from the Lord

I sit in silence, before the night

Craving Your presence, Your peace, Your light

The daily burdens stresses me out

worries, anxiety – to my Lord I cry and shout

All that I have are precious Blessings from You

the love for my family runs deep, unending and true

Oh Lord Almighty One

how can I help the Blessing You gave – her struggles seem tied and done

In the silence I am waiting for You

to speak, to lead, to answer – You will not fail me – Your peace will make me anew.


I take comfort

Looking at my life, the circumstances, the trials, the pain… What can I take comfort in?

The Hope of Heaven.

That God chooses His own.

That His promises are true and will stand.

That His love endures and His grace is free.

That despite the pains of this life, He is Emmanuel and with me all the time. A-l-l the time.

That after these many tests and trials, there will be Blessings I can’t imagine.

That after this earthly life, Jesus is awaiting me in Heaven.

That is my comfort. This is my peace.




I see the water flow, the trees change color. So beautiful Your creation

Elohim, El Shaddai, my Adonai, You are no overnight sensation

You are God, my Lord, my King, my Sovereign Eternal Almighty One

Though I can’t carry a tune, I sing Your Praises for Your being and the sacrifice of the Son

When I look at the world at large and my own many trials and pains

I can’t understand Your mysterious ways, yet I know circumstances change

My heart wants to praise You and trust You and believe You in the dark

So I’m holding the cruel imagine of You my Lord, being whipped and marked

Dragged out of the courtyard, bleeding from the razor sharp whips You took

You look at me, and did it all because You love me, wanted to save me and asks me to look!

To look at You and to You, and not the world, circumstances, trials or plight

So that I can believe in the dark, what I know is true in the light

Of all the things you had to suffer, ridiculed, beaten, whipped and slain

The separation from God, the Father must have been the greatest pain

Your heart overflowed with a love so pure

Oh my Lord the gratefulness pierces me to know for sure

That nothing can separate me from my Lord and my King

The creation Praise You with colors and Your people will sing

And one day my Lord, one day, I will see You in all the Heavenly Glory of light

But right now, in my plight I know, that you are with me, though out of sight

I sense Your Presence, I feel Your strength. I’m not locked in sin’s cage

For Your Word promise me that if I look, You will be with me until the very end of the age.