Analog Woman in a Digital World

Amish-lifeA part of me is envious of the Amish way of life… No electronics to distract from the work they do alone or together. Well, I’m not Amish so can’t really say what that life would be like, but essentially, wouldn’t it be nice with a more simple lifestyle?

– She said… and kept typing on her electronic device… –

A simple lifestyle where the focus would always be on doing the good and right thing. Such as cooking the healthy fresh foods. Reading an old dusty book. Make a phonecall to a friend for a chat. Cleaning a room a day or something like that. Never shopping for unnecessary things – ahem! Play fun and educational games with the kids. Making the simple things a priority.

Instead it seems that life has to be busy, electronic and even complicated to be “good” – or fashionable. It’s a digital world. header
I rely on electronics for various things and while that’s not a bad thing, communication is often limited to text messages… so I don’t need to call and disturb anyone. The more busy I feel, the more popular I feel – or skilled, or professional or whatnot and I haven’t found a better tool to help me feel busy than the world renowned electronic device (regardless of name)!

We just “look better” sitting in Starbucks with a kindle rather than an old dusty book. Kindle Voyage 2014 woman at coffee bar

I’m “analog”. Or old-fashioned if you wish. I’m the one carrying the old dusty book to Starbucks (if there were any around my area). That’s honestly the only thing that hasn’t snuck it’s head into my life yet: The Kindle!
As for the rest… I too often skip the healthy cooking, I prefer texts and I do facebook in a limited way (e.g. I post, but rarely read the newsfeed – my life gets too depressing if I do that). I stay busy! I wish I was busy doing all the good things I want to put focus on. Instead I find myself busy being on my electronic devices that steals my time.

But I did invite all the electronics in!
I’m writing a blog for crying out loud. If I didn’t like electronics and the online world, I shouldn’t be doing a blog, let alone two! Duh!

I also use both Netflix and Spotify… and some days a lot and obviously all the vast amounts of helpful apps!


Essentially, what I want to do isn’t what I do. But what I do, isn’t what I would like to do.
And yet, it is. I watch Netflix because I like it. I listen to music on Spotify because I enjoy it. I post stuff to facebook because I enjoy seeing reactions from friends and family. I email and text because it’s convenient.

So forget the Kindle!
That’s where I draw the line… ?!

14 thoughts on “Analog Woman in a Digital World

  1. The title of your article is PERFECT!! (And I so identify! 🙂

    In defense of the Kindle: I truly miss my paper books, but the Kindle is better than nothing. It’s very difficult to obtain books of ANY kind here in Jordan, and especially books in English. Not only are they hugely expensive to have shipped to us, but many books do not make it past the customs/border check – Jordanian policy forbids many types of books. So I have a Kindle. I would MUCH prefer to have books, but I am grateful for the Kindle, because I can download things that I could NEVER obtain through the mail.

    As for the simple life – WE LOVE BEING RETIRED!!!! I cook most things from scratch; I stay up as late as I want and get up as late as I want; I avoid Facebook like the plague (it’s too addictive!); I have time to visit with friends and neighbors; and I have time to work on all the family trees that my friends have asked me to create for them (more than 40 right now…); I own a “dumb” phone and can’t send or receive texts, can’t play games on it, and only make (maybe) 3 calls a week on it. (I hate phones.)

    But what if we weren’t retired????? Oh yes, life used to be SO hectic. I really hear you, Lene!!

    And the electronic stuff can be so life-dominating. I have to do my family history research over the internet since Jordan doesn’t have genealogical libraries, so I often spend all day looking at “the screen”, and then take a break to read the Kindle. Wow – an electronic world.

    Retired and relaxed or working mom and busy, we all have the same problem – the Bible calls it ‘redeeming the time’. Far too often, I waste the valuable time that God has allotted to me. My priorities get focused on me instead of on His Kingdom. May He forgive me and may I listen to the Spirit’s promptings to do better!!! Thanks for the reminder!! ❤


    1. My dear Sue. It feels like it’s been firever since I heard from you last ❤️. I’m so happy to hear you are relaxed and retired 😉…

      We can’t escape electronics and it’s that simple. If I was in your shoes I’d have a kindle too!! But between my computer, phone and tv, and my daughters iPad, it’s just too much time spent on things on a screen. There’s even an app now for cross-stitching!

      May He forgive us both and help us listen to the promptings of His Spirit!
      Love ❤️

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      1. AMEN TO THAT!!!! Yes, it has been a while since I posted – this last year has been a year of study and growth. There are three articles in the works, but they are taking time cuz I keep learning new stuff!!! It has been an amazing and blessed year, praise God! Love reading what you have to say. Praying for you and family. ❤


  2. seekinggodbyfaith

    I was just thinking about the Amish lifestyle earlier this year. They truly are the in the best position should any “modern day tragedy” …for example:An EMP attack wouldn’t really effect them as much cause they live “off the grid” and off the land. They know secrets for storing food that last a long time too.

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  3. I’m with you. I read a book. Use a book mark, that way if I loose my place I can find it. I am guessing with and electronic book, like my laptop, can lag, just shut down, pop up some ads in the middle of my reading, battery is low, etc. Books are reliable :):) And I also would imagine the glare. How would you read near a window, outside, or near any natural light source? Oh my, I can’t see who is calling me on my cell phone outside. Not that it matters, I am a strictly answer, no matter what kind of gal, but I do like to be prepared, or forewarned LOL which ever the case may be :):)

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