Thank you

When I began this blog some 5 or 6 years ago, it sprang from me “having something on my heart.” At the time I really didn’t know what… well, maybe except from me wanting to tell my story.

If that makes sense.

My first posts were up and around. Dancing around the pit of that time: Stress!

I got a lot of therapeutic writing out which was great. But after that I had a long long time of no posting. Not really sure why though but I suppose I just needed some space to grow. Emotionally. Rest after stressing… Learning to see the signs of stress and acting upon them. That last part – Yeah, VERY important part! 

Here I am 5 years later – and +850 followers. WOW! OozX1_f-maxage-0

I need to say thank you – for following me and my journey, for loving and praying me through the best and worst of times. You are amazing out there in the blogosphere!

I’m still writing my book about Joy and Liz. It’s an amazing journey to walk in your mind – writing a book I mean. A story. Lives woven together.

Thanks for sticking with me!  I pray the Lord will fill each and every one of you with plenty of Joy!


26 thoughts on “Thank you

  1. God is so delightful in how He leads to such wonderful surprises simply by following to and through unknowns, or when we are completely unaware of the blessing lying ahead, yet we journey forth because of His whisper, “This is the way to go” (Isaiah 30:21) ❤
    I love reading your blog, and look forward to your story on Joy and Liz. I am praying for all "3" of you! 😉

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      1. My mom would have turned 73 today if she hadn’t gone ahead and died before her time. She won’t be in heaven, but in her memory and for the sake of others around both of us, we can be prayer warriors. Fighting the right way while praising the Savior of many other souls to come. I believe in doing good for others and though means aren’t huge on my part I remember 1 John 3:17. Please accept the “surprise” coming next week simply because I love you and God Loves you.

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      2. Sorry about the homegoing of your mom. In once praying over the upteenth loved one that I lost to suicide once, the Lord convicted me of this… None of us can no what is going on in the heart of anyone… whether evil or just loving careless with our lives… having said that if we cannot be 100% sure someone is saved just by their behavior or a possibly a very well behaved manner, then we cannot be 100% sure someone is NOT saved. I hang on to that hope for many. Happy Birthday to your mom! If Jesus has a surprise for you one day, then she has the best bday gift today!
        Me and God love you too! ❤ I am blessed enough by your friendship. God is so kind!
        PS… I've been in the middle of finishing another surprise for you that is ALMOST finished now that everyone is going to bed… lol


      3. That is true. I can’t know for sure I suppose, despite having heard her renounce Jesus several times over the years. I can have the hope Jesus has a surprise for me one day ☺️
        Ooh, can’t wait for your surprise…. 😃 love surprises. Your friendship is precious to me too. Many blessings.

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  2. riverwaters

    David McCulloch wrote a book about John Adams. He got a lot of his information from the letters Thomas Jefferson and John Adams wrote back and forth to each other. There were over a thousand of those letters. Jefferson and Adams had reconciled after a long absence of friendship because of politics. For many people that’s blogging ( or Twitter or Facebook) is. It’s a way to write open letters to a certain number of people.

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