The Card Season


No’b, not poker…

T’is the season… for Christmas cards, because quite frankly it would be odd to send out Christmas cards any other time of year!

I do so love receiving Christmas cards! But one thing I have noticed in the past 5 to 10 years; The amount of cards I receive are increasingly decreasing. In fact I’ve gone from about 20-25 down to 5 or 6!!
Alarm bells ringing!

In the little duckpond from where I roam, also known as Denmark, the whole card thing isn’t the most popular thought known to man. In fact, in Denmark these days the postman only comes around twice pr. week…


I can’t say that I understand that, because I love cards! Perhaps we’re more interested in the food..?!?
So I figured that my American friends would save my Christmas card decorative display, in a matter of speaking… because I see “them” always writing “thank you” cards, “get well soon” cards or a “just to say I’m praying for you” card. So maybe my Christmas card display during the festive season would increase.

Photo on 12-7-17 at 09.21My display of the cards I receive are a part of my Christmas decorations and I love, love, love watching those cards all throughout December, reminding me of the warm and loving people in my life and of course – the One True Savior I’m celebrating!

But no.

What has increased are email greetings where people write long and more detailed about the whole year. While I love those emails, most of it is something I have learned already via social media or emails throughout the year. Stationery Greeting Cards For Mac - Free Download And Software pertaining to Free Christmas Card Email Templates MacBut the saddest part for me is that I can’t hang an email – or e-cards – as Christmas decoration.

I know it’s a commercialized tradition which began in the UK around 1840 with the opening of the first post office (it wasn’t called a post office back then though), but by the 1900 had spread to Europe. I suppose I just find it sad that electronics, which hurts our eyes and lures us away from family time, has taken over a very nice tradition of spreading the cheer…One the kids can actively participate in too. Preschool-Christmas-Card-Making-Station-2

There is something to be said about someone who sits down and handwrites a card and sends it to you. It makes you feel important somehow to that person. A long email greeting sent out to all the friends surely took time to write (and time to read), but it doesn’t make many feel particularly loved. In fact, I’m just a name on a list.


No, not soaking in self-pity and I am trying not to judge and I do so humbly see the ease and time saving aspects of the email greeting – I do!
But it isn’t a personal greeting and I think we need to make more of an effort of making things more personal with each other.

That’s love – and that is what Jesus commands us to do. He may not command us to write Christmas cards, but those are an obvious choice of love language. Remember why He came down…


28 thoughts on “The Card Season

  1. Lene, I also love Christmas cards, but often become lax about writing them. This year, my family sent out six (though my initial low goal was 10), and that was six more than we sent out last year. However, inspired by your message, I will start earlier next year. If you will email me your address, I will be glad to send you a card next year. You can email me at

    God bless you!

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  2. My Way Home Life

    Yes, I am a big fan of sending a thoughtful Christmas card as well. There’s nothing like a beautiful card with a handwritten note–it’s the perfect time of year to reach out and tell why you love and appreciate the important people in your life! (I don’t even much care for the photo postcards myself…I’m just another name on a list, as you said.)

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  3. Lene, I would be delighted to send you a Christmas card if you will e-mail me your address. I don’t know if it will make it for this Christmas (thought I will send it ASAP), but it will reach you, Lord willing. I’ll send you as many as you want for next year’s decoration. Although it is awesome to keep Christmas with you all through the year 🙂

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  4. Enjoyed your article. Here in the states, we don’t do much for cards either. Used to, of course, like back in the 1970’s but not now. Even at church, we have a board where people put up shared greetings. But we all have Jesus. Jesus is in my heart and I hope yours too.
    Blessings, author Terry Palmer

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      1. Ah, right. So you don’t like how distant Christmas is. We don’t either. Much better to have close relationships who can share Christmas, such as cards. Good statement. Author Terry Palmer

        I’ll have to work up a story about that.

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