All… Hallows…Eve…

Last year I wrote this blog post about Halloween. Since I’m up to my neck in “stuff” I’ll reblog it this year, because my viewpoint is the same…



Oh boy, am I ever going to be unpopular after this…!!
Best to apologize in advance if I step on a pinky toe… Sorry!

Each year I have the internal struggle, whether or not to whip up a post about that festive night of the year where people, adults and kids alike, dress up to look horrible (?!!??)…
You know, that night when “scary is good and fear is fun”?

God gave us free will and I love that He did. We have choices…
My choice is to not celebrate Halloween.
Okay, so you do, but at least the costumes are cute and the pumpkin is smiling – yeah? Take a slice of moldy bread and smear on a nice thick layer of peanut butter and it looks really good – but the bread is still moldy.54eba640e0b89_-_halloween-mason-jars-luminaries-boo-xln.jpg
Sorry – couldn’t help squeezing that one out…

Yep, I can almost feel someone slapping my face now “How dare I – who do I think I am”… I’m a nobody. Pay no attention to me… after all, it’s still your choice.

Why not join in the fun? So many Christians all over the world enjoys the party of All hallows eve and it’s Catholic too!?! I know many Christians who does celebrate it and often because “why take the fun away from the kids?”

Yeah – that’s where my internal struggle begins.

Honestly, it freaks me out. Just the look of the decorations gives me the creeps… which in turn is actually the main idea, right?
Or maybe I’m wrong… But if it creeps me out, does it come from Jesus?

I have no intentions of digging into the Celtic “Samhain” or the Catholic church’s “all saints day”. If you have the interest, there’s about a million websites out there all speaking for or against Christians celebrating Halloween.

Since when are scared kids fun: Top FEAR pics of the WEEK? Seriously??

– But for me, simply gazing at the Halloween I see around me:
It’s creepy, crawly, monsters, zombies, ghosts, goblins, witches, sorcerers etc. Pumpkins with frown or smiley face and all that simply tells me:
This is something odd and scary. Then I see kids dressed up in anything between princesses, superhero’s and zombies and they learn that this scary stuff is fun.

It’s not fun. It’s scary. Fear is not fun and fear is not from the Lord!

Dwelling on the Lord… I can’t find any place in the Bible where the Lord says I should celebrate (or pray to) His dead saints nor dress up like something only the evil one would do anything, to make us wear.

What I do have are Bibles where it repeatedly states in various ways:

A smiling devil?? Yeah, something’s wrong here!

“Do not have anything to do with sorcerers… evil… darkness…” etc. Want the verses? Try Ephesians 5:8 and 11, Galatians 5:19-20, Deuteronomy 18:9-13 and I’m sure there’s more.
Halloween, as far as I can see, does not celebrate anything that has to do with God. Because only good things comes from God. When we try to make scary costumes fun, we are teaching the kids exactly that. Is that really good? pure? holy? kind?

Halloween is not a celebration given to us by the Lord God and that’s why I’m the “evil mom” who places the huge burden upon my daughter’s shoulders, to say NO when her friends in school want her to celebrate Halloween! – Praise Jesus, for He gives her the strength to speak up and say no.
Gosh, I’m so proud of her!

the-philippians-4-8-filterI know that my opinion about Halloween is strong, but I do respect those who chooses to celebrate it anyway. That’s not really any of my business. However, I will choose to ignore or delete any comments to this post which may indicate a longing to change my mind…
So, if I have stepped on your toes, I’m sorry. But I really really really do not like anything that has anything to do with Halloween or the celebration of it
That’s me…
But I still love you! May Jesus Bless you all and keep you safe from evil all the days of your lives. Amen.

21 thoughts on “All… Hallows…Eve…

  1. Oh, Lene, you expressed my exact feelings about this horrible day of the year. I am always so relieved when it is safely behind us. Unfortunately for me, my family lives in a place (I’m sorry I can’t explain this better, but I can’t) where opting out of the “celebration” is just not an option, and the rest of the family has not come to these same conclusions. If you want to pray for that to change, that would not hurt my feelings at all.

    You are a blessing in my life. I am always so thankful for the privilege of reading your well-thought-through posts. You are a light in a very dark, and getting darker, world.

    God bless you!



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    1. I’m so thankful for your comment! It’s a blessing to know my writings is a blessing to you.
      I’m sorry about the circumstances you’re in. I prayed. Remember that circumstance change and the Lord changes hearts.
      You are a blessing to me ❤️

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  2. I loved Halloween when I was a kid (WAY back in the 1950’s) – Mom would make us the most amazing costumes ever, it was fun to run all over the neighborhood with my friends, and the candy was great! It was all so ‘innocent’ that I never gave it a second thought. Initially, I was very upset when my husband informed me shortly after we married that our children would not be allowed to participate in Halloween. I thought he was such a scrooge!! But I ‘submitted’ because he was the head of the house. As I prayed it all through and allowed Abba to speak on the topic, it wasn’t long before I understood how right Husband was in the matter. I am so grateful that he and others like him (and like you) have made the right stand and have encouraged others (like me) to make that same stand. May we think on and live according to what is true, honorable, just, pure, lovely, commendable, excellent and worthy of praise. Praising Him because He is faithful to lead us into His Truth!!! ❤

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    1. Hi there Sue, how is Jordan and how was Jerusalem..? (only remotely jealous I am… okay, VERY!) Still working on managing a trip to your neck of the woods, but it seems troublesome this coming year. We’ll see what the Lord has in stall for us here.
      I’m so pleased your hubby took a stand and that you prayed it through – Love you always.

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      1. Hi, Lene! I will keep praying that you can come to Jordan AND Israel – SOON!! Aqaba is lovely this time of year – mild weather, no rain, pleasant breezes…. But Jerusalem was fantastic, as always. Unfortunately, I was sick half of the time we were there, but the other half was wonderful. A highlight was getting to attend a book launch. A friend of ours wrote a book called TEN FROM THE NATIONS – Torah Awakening Among Non-Jews (By Dr. Rivkah Lambert Adler, available at Amazon). She included John’s and my story in her book (p. 242), so we were invited to the book launch. Very exciting! Another highlight was being present at the Kotel (the Western Wall) for the blessing by the cohanim (priests) – thousands and thousands of people from all over the world all worshipping together, so beautiful. Much more, too. One day soon you will get to participate!! Looking forward to that day!!! Much love, Sue


      2. Such an exciting life you lead!
        I’m sorry you got sick but glad to know it was only half and that you’re back on your feet.
        I’ll have to look up the book 😃, thanks for telling me. My heart wants to go… but my mind knows it won’t be that easy. And my daughter hasn’t changed her mind yet… abba, please ❤️🙏🏼…
        love you.

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  3. When I was a kid, Halloween was fun, and that’s because I got to dress up and get candy. I never really understood just what this particular “holiday” was all about. I did let my child participate in Halloween when he was growing up, but had several restrictions on just what that participation looked like. As I have grown older, and much closer to the Lord, my view of Halloween has changed, as such, I no longer celebrate this particular event. I think that many people really don’t take the time to really think through just what this “holiday” celebrates. Thanks for your courage on speaking out against this subject.

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  4. Thank you for expressing my views here. If we, for example, wear green on St. Patrick’s day we are aligning ourselves with a people and message, “Erin go bragh!”. Can we really align ourselves with any part of Samhain? Wicca, and other forms of witchcraft, are fast growing practices while Christianity is drowning in compromise. If we won’t take a teachable stand in our homes on this day, how will we stand when the stakes are higher?

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    1. I so hear you! And just like we can’t align ourselves with Samhain we can’t align ourselves with jack-o-lantern, who made a deal with the devil and then got cheated. Those are words well put; drowning in compromise. Gods blessings to you.

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  5. Halloween has nothing to do with God. It does have a lot to do with the devil. It’s his holiday. Not God’s. So…why would any Christian celebrate it? And don’t feel bad having deprived your child of all that candy. Good grief! Who needs all that sugar; a neurotoxin that causes inflammation in the body? We’re not supposed to be “of the world” but apart from it, even though we have to live in it for now.

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    1. Yes, it is exactly the devils holy day… of course Jesus defeated him already so we can celebrate the victory… though, that’s what I do at Easter time!
      Oh I do not feel bad about saying no to Halloween in any way. My sarcastic way with words can get tangled sometimes. I do apologize. Thanks for the encouragement!

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  6. I’m on your side! I don’t think there is anything funny about scaring kids. However, many groups I know have turned the season the harvest festivals and such more wholesome kinds of activities. I have nothing against crazy mirrors and corn mazes! 😀 I came over to say thanks for your having left a like on my Just Give Me Jesus today. I love having interactive blogging friends.

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