The Summing Source of All Fears


The words poured out of me; “I’m afraid, I have fear, it’s out of my control…” as I tried my best to explain to a friend how I truly felt inside. Out of the blue and without notice, my friend bowed her head and said a short prayer, commanding the Spirit of Fear to leave me immediately under the authority of Jesus Christ.
I didn’t expect that.
Shortly after I left her home I quietly mumbled “Lord, I sure hope that worked”, while staying focused on the next task ahead.

My daughter and I were catching a plane to Sydney a few days later. I don’t like flying… okay, I hate flying. It scares me and no amount of “safest way to travel” is gonna make me like it, so that’s that! Travels make me worry about a variety of things from food to flying and I triple check all paperwork etc. But I love encountering different cultures and countries.

While packing a suitcase, I froze as I suddenly realized that something was “wrong”;
I wasn’t afraid!
I sat down and looked around me, going “eh… this is weird! Weirdly weird… it’s great, but oh so strange”. It took a while before the 10 yen coin sank in and I realized what had happened; Fear, that nasty source of evil with his claws buried deep in my shoulders, had literally left.
I was breathing in wonder and – honestly, totally stunned amazement.

The Spirit of Fear is real (as the Bible says) and its THE source and sum of ALL fears. 
Once freed, I had discernment as if a misty-like veil was lifted.
The spirit of fear distorted everything and through that, had gained control. And I didn’t even know it… How could I not know it?
Hold on to your reins because this might shake your doctrine: As far back as I can remember, quite literally, fear has been a companion of mine. As a child I was always afraid of something. As a young adult I lived it out by “facing fears” and battling the consequences.
I honestly thought it was normal to feel and live with fear as I hadn’t known any different. 
But it’s not supposed to be normal!!

We had a wonderful trip in Australia and my girl and I had several fights, which was where I discovered I have a new discernment and perspective of her mental health – but more on that issue in a future post.


I l-o-v-e my Jesus!! The Bible says that we become a new creation when we get saved. My heart was sealed with His spirit, that’s for sure… but somehow Fear was still a companion of mine. He just wrapped himself in light instead. I have no intentions of discussing doctrine here. I’m stating a fact that has become clear to me, now that Fear is no longer surrounding the truth in a misty veil.

I don’t write down my prayers, rather my prayer journal is an opposite one; I write down the words Jesus speaks to me when we have coffee together in the morning. On August 5th I felt and saw Him, instead of hearing Him; “I sat above the clouds and Jesus kissed my forehead holding my head between His hands. He said “you have My strength in your bones”.”
I can feel in my bones that Jesus is in me and my self-confidence is actual confidence and no longer an outwardly pretend one… Just how cool is that!?!

This post is to testify to anyone out there living with fear:
It is not supposed to be like that.


22 thoughts on “The Summing Source of All Fears

  1. Lovely testimony! All praise to our amazing healer Jesus ☺️ There is great power when praying in His name, the enemy flees in the hearing of the name Jesus Christ! All glory goes to Him! There is nothing that compares or comes close to our Lord God. Ah, can’t stop boasting about our God!
    Thanks Lene


  2. Sue in Aqaba

    THIS IS SUCH AN ANSWER TO PRAYER!!!!!! Praising Yah with you!!!

    For ye have NOT received the SPIRIT of bondage again to fear; but YE HAVE RECEIVED THE SPIRIT OF ADOPTION, whereby we cry, Abba, Father. (Rom 8:15)

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  3. I am so glad your writer’s block is over. I want to tell you that you are spot on with the description of your experience. A few years ago I had a similar experience in which I was freed from a spirit of fear. For those who have not personally experienced anything like that, it is difficult to comprehend. Since my “freeing” experience, I have spent countless hours pouring through God’s Word to learn as much as possible about the subject. I am about to begin teaching an eight-week class called “Understanding Demonic Oppression” at my church and I plan to post my notes from the class on my WordPress soon if you would like to stop by and learn a little more about the subject. I am continuing to pray for you and your daughter. Keep the hope in Jesus!

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    1. Thank you so much my friend, for your prayers and kind words. I appreciate them both. This new feeling of non-fear is beyond explanation and I think you’re right, you’d have to have experienced it to truly understand.
      Thank you for sharing. I will definitely visit your blog and read the posts. It’s a subject which now has my interest on a whole different level than before. I’ll be writing out a post on my daughter’s situation soon. It’s a double-edged sword and I’d appreciate prayers for her. Thank you so much for staying with me.


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