T-h-a-t 2nd sentence…

I’ve been traveling the past month both physically and spiritually. I have much to say and blog about, but I can’t seem to get pen to paper – or fingers to keyboard. There’s lots I want to share though and my blog showing a severe lack of new posts is not caused by me not having enough time – now that I’m back home from my travels.

I may be experiencing a writer’s block… I know the subjects but words fail me. I’ll be back…



6 thoughts on “T-h-a-t 2nd sentence…

  1. I am glad to see you post again, even if it is that you are having writer’s block. It will pass in time. Since your last post, the Lord has put you and your family on my heart several times to pray for you all. I hope things are getting better in your daughter’s situation, as well as your ability to deal with the situation. Whether you see progress or not, know this: God IS working on your behalf! Keep the hope, keep the faith. We serve a faithful God. Be encouraged knowing that God is putting your family on the hearts of your readers to pray and intercede for you.

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    1. Thank you! That means a lot to me. Knowing you are praying is a blessing you possibly can’t imagine. I have heaps of things I want to share and I guess in time, God will allow the words to flow… Thanks for the encouragement. Remain Blessed.


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