I struck out – Silencing an Introvert 2

I totally struck out on yesterday’s post! I mean really struck out…

My intentions were to write about introverts in the school system, but I got derailed and went straight into a self-pity party or something down that winding road!


I can’t run from my feelings. I am truly both sad, angry and disappointed in school and teachers. For 3 years I have tried to be “a good Christian” about it, but now that I need to process it, it stings. When I’m done processing the whole thing, I’ll get back to the introverts in the school system.

I’ll get there… Because Jesus is with me and knows me and knows exactly how I feel.

Bloggers: Thank you for staying with me during these tough times. I need you and I love you and I pray Blessings into your lives! THANKS! 

15 thoughts on “I struck out – Silencing an Introvert 2

    1. Hi Terri. Thank you so much for those uplifting words. You are right: I have no if I’m helping anyone and if I am, how many. But I hope God carries the message to those who needs it. Trusting in Him. Remain blessed. Lene

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      1. Hi Lene, I’ve started following your story recently and i have been encouraged and have loved your honesty by sharing from your heart. I just want to encourage you in the great job your doing as a Godly partent. Jesus in his love and grace offeres forgiveness which sets us free, extending this forgiveness towards others is something we need to revisit but He has equipped us with the Holy Spirit to help us 😃 May Jesus shine through you for all to see ☺️ Blessings

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