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Photo on 4-17-15 at 9.29.jpgAbout 3 years ago I began a painting… It’s done and I gotta tell you: I’m SO proud of it! I only have 1 slight problem: I need to name it! If you have a suggestion, please make a comment. – Thank you!
IMG_2662.jpgScrolls are pieces of art. They are fascinating and I find it incredibly beautiful to know that Jesus read from a scroll. But instead of me jotting down a lot of explanation, I will allow the painting itself to speak for itself: The journey of my 90 x 90 cm painting.



49 thoughts on “Touch the scroll

  1. Sue in Aqaba

    I thought “Touch the Scroll” WAS the name! It would be very appropriate. It challenges the viewer to go beyond looking or even beyond meditating – it challenges the viewer to EXPERIENCE Yah’s Word. He is, after all, the Living Word and the goal is to experience relationship with Him. Anyway, I love the name “Touch the Scroll.” Lovely painting! Thanks so much for sharing it with us. ❤

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  2. Beautiful work my friend. Ok, so my suggestion…”Yahweh amer” or “Yahweh amor”…which is (almost) a double entendre in Hebrew and French. In Hebrew it can mean ‘Yahweh says’ and in french it could be ‘Yahweh love.’ Might be a bit of a stretch though with the spelling. The action of speaking is tied into the scroll itself, the Word, which is God’s Word and which is also love, because God is love. But especially in Jesus’ blood which is on the edge of the scroll.

    Hope you’re doing well! Bless you and your family! 🙂

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      1. Back at ya friend 😉 How’s Tokyo today? Drinking some good coffee? Hey guess what, sad moment today…our french press broke at the office. Coffee went everywhere! I got a request from a fellow brother in Christ at the office for some homeroast…so I’m dusting off the homeroaster and I’m roasting this week. It’s gonna be good 🙂

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      2. Oh dear oh dear – how sad is that!! A BROKEN FRENCH PRESS!?! Not cool.
        Tokyo is clear sky and bright stars, for the most part. Temperatures are going up a bit now and spring is coming. At least judging by the pollen count 😉
        I hear you – go dust the home roaster and get some coffee back in the office.
        An office without a french press… I just can’t imagine 😉 he he he

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      3. I hear ya on the pollen…it’s coming here 😦

        Are you teasing me on the french press? 😉 because that was an emergency! But thankfully my brother in Christ came in for the win and let me borrow his!


      4. Ha ha ha, You truly are on of my fave people!! No I wasn’t actually teasing you about the french press. Can’t joke about Jesus and coffee (but possibly about everything else!). It’s early morning and I “overslept” e.g. I didn’t get to have morning coffee with Jesus, sad sad sad… So I have to get myself a cuppa now to warm up and wake up and then go start the day.
        I love your meet’n’greet posts BTW.

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      5. Haha same to you friend 🙂 You’re spot on there, we can’t joke about Jesus and coffee…everything else is fair game haha!

        We just polished off a press here to wrap up the afternoon at the office. It was needed!

        Hey question, is “cuppa” a Danish or European or Japanese thing? Because I never hear that phrase over it. We call it a ‘cup of coffee’ over here in ‘Merica 😉 Also, one of my old friends from church is over in Denmark and keeps posting pics from Copenhagen. It’s gorgeous. What a beautiful place!

        Thank you, so you really like the meet ‘n greets? I enjoy them too! 🙂 They’re fun and usually a way to start the conversation with some readers who typically only interact every now and then, and also to meet new bloggers. Plus also to just catch up and talk with the regulars. My goal on them though is to get a group dialogue going. The question of the meet n greet is to foster discussion and give a new reader (or long time lurker, first time commenter) a subject to comment on. But fostering discussion amongst the commenters and readers has really struggled to get off the ground. I’d love to open a space where people, especially believers on WordPress, can just discuss things in an online round table format. Any thoughts on how to do that friend?


      6. Hey there. “Cuppa” I believe is actually British, possibly Irish of origin, and means “a cup of tea” – through development of language it’s now a “cup of” – cuppa and is often used in British english. I have seen it used somewhere as “cuppa Java” and to me, it always means a cup of coffee! I do drink tea though, but a good strong cuppa is like a french press 😉

        Thank you – yes, Copenhagen is a gorgeous harbour city!

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      7. Help…
        The more I look at the painting, the more I’m sensing His presence. Not sure if this will make much sense to you, but I’m looking at it from different angles and it’s just as if Jesus if coming near me. I’m sensing an incredible amount of love and peace while simply gazing at it. So I’m wondering if the name should be more like “God comes near”… What would that be in Hebrew my dear friend??


      8. Well… about the group discussion/dialogue space… I think you just sparked my inner entrepreneur.
        Every group needs a leader/moderator, otherwise the ship will go in circles. I’m actually thinking something like this: Open a new wordpress blog (called “Knights of the round table” or “the Lord’s knights”?) and make several bloggers who are regulars on your blog admins. So that anyone can post something and we an all interact in sort of like a small group online environment. I’m not gonna kid you around here: It will be a time consuming thing to be the leader of such a group and I wonder if other bloggers would want to pour efforts into that instead of their own blogs – after all, we get 24 hours a day. But blogs are not group related, but of course you have the “proverbs 31 women” group and that’s a blog… Hmm, I think you could pull it off. Otherwise, there are Yahoo groups, but those are mail only.
        I do like the round table idea and we are the Lord’s knights, are we not?
        I already do 2 blogs, so please don’t expect a whole lot of posts from my side, but I like the idea a lot. It would be a great place to take big topics… and get a good rounded discussion. Have a think and a prayer – and a cuppa 😉

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      9. Because I really like the idea! It would be fun! But do you think it would be a ton of extra work to moderate it? I was thinking the opposite…get some good regulars and help navigate the ship some, but if you get some good, regular writers, they can help sail the boat?


      10. I think the idea is great and I think it could be fun. I was just processing out loud… I really can’t tell you to do it or not 😉 I think that if you have a clear picture in your head of what this group blog would look like, then you can set sail and see where it takes you (us). Sometimes we have to try things before we know if it works. Does that make sense?


  3. Love the creativity of the painting with the wound releasing the light! That is also one of my favorite verses. I have no name for your art because you are the parent and only you can name your child. Friends of mine didn’t name their daughter until after she was born. The father told me the following, “When we see her face, we will know her name!” Be blessed, name your child and keep up the great work!

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    1. Thanks for the compliment! I always have a hard time naming my paintings… he he… Oftentimes, God names it through someone else and I go “Oh wow – I didn’t think about that!” 😉
      Thanks for stopping by. Appreciate it. Remain Blessed.

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