Leave me in the mess – please!

Because only in the mess, will I be able to truly see the Lord’s hand at work.

Actually, please don’t leave me in the mess, because it’s the last place I want to be in!


I don’t know about you, but I often find myself in circumstances and messes where this dilemma exists.
I love seeing how God works in my life. I really really really love it.
At the same time, I thoroughly dislike being in those situations.

Then, of course, an average person, preacher, pastor, sermon etc proclaims that if I didn’t sin, I wouldn’t be stuck in bad situations. While this may be true… I’m pretty sure Jesus found Himself in a few “bad situations” during His 3 years of ministry and He for sure did not sin!

So… May I just conclude, that even if I were entirely sinless (yeah, that’s not gonna happen!), the devil would just come at me with all the more force and all the more temptations and all the more… catch my drift? And eventually he would either win over my poor selfish soul or kill me in the process, so to speak. Either would work for him because seriously; the devil would truly slay your newborn baby if he could! The guy has no clue how to spell “mercy”, let alone show it.

Sure… God always provides a way out: Yes indeed the Lord does!tumblr_static_tumblr_static_8l0munbqf6skwc0gsck400s8w_640.gif

But that will inevitably mean you have to get stuck in messes sometimes…!?! So while we do have the power to not sin, we will. The way out of it goes along “the narrow road”, but there are some HUGE gates along that narrow road!
Just saying…


So please don’t leave me in the mess… LORD!
Because only in the darkness can we all truly see the light. Amen.

12 thoughts on “Leave me in the mess – please!

  1. Oh I know my friend, you know it probably better than I, this is a tough place to be. But, you’re wisdom is showing well! Loved that last line, ‘only in the darkness can we all truly see the light.’ We’re so fallen that we need the dark sometimes to see him more clearly. I shudder at those words though!! Wherever you are now with God I know you are faithfully holding his lamp up in the darkness to shine for him!


    1. Thank you friend! Ha ha – thanks… You can quote me on that 😉 ha ha ha.
      I too shudder that we are in such a state that we need the darkness to see God. But He shut us out of Eden because of His grace, so we wouldn’t eat of the tree of life. Imagine living forever in this fallen state!?! What a horrible thought.

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      1. Oh my gosh, that would be awful. That’s the thing that gets me on the whole reincarnation belief pagan religions have…why would you want to stay here forever? Why?! Really?! You’re never gonna get what your heart desires, you’ll always be a broken vessel. There’s no way I’d want to do that. Pass!

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