The Versatile blogger award

Thank you very much to Lisa from I will not stay silent who nominated me for the Versatile blogging award. I’m both proud and humbled at the same time!versatile-blogger-award.jpg

The rules are simple:

Rule #1 – You must thank the person that nominated you for the award and then provide a link to their blog site.
Rule #2 – Nominate at least 10 bloggers of your choice and provide links to their blogs.
Rule #3 – Share 7 facts about yourself.

I nominate the following (not listed in personal favorite order):

Following Him besides still waters

Woman for Jesus

Unashamed of Jesus

Laughter: Carbonated Grace

Unshakable hope

23 Thorns

You, me and this world

Shattered in Him

The Dove web

In the desert with Jesus

Here comes 7 facts about me… Though I truly can’t imagine why that would be interesting reading for anyone, but I like the number 7…

#1 – My first blog post Stress – first signs was posted on May 10th 2013. Almost 4 years ago. My blog is about my dance with Jesus – doing life with God and oftentimes wrestling with faith. I enjoy blogging because it allows me to open for subjects which could be closed issues, expand on ideas and thoughts and the best part is that people can choose to read – or not.

#2 – My side-blog Song of Virginity had it’s first post on June 18th 2016 and I’m sorely proud of that blog! It’s an outreach blog for the youth of today. It talks about ALL the issues of virginity and sex, the why not, if not, how not etc. I have had several beautiful posts from guest bloggers and I’m very proud of each and every one of them. It talks and deals openly with issues that, I have found, many wants to keep silent about. However, I’m a firm believer in open honesty and by sharing stories, we just might be able to help a young/single person make the right choices. Please jump over and have a look and don’t be afraid to drop me a line if you feel led to share your story.

#3 – My absolute favorite books and movies are generally historical. One of my favorite books “Desiree” is about a silk merchant’s daughter from Paris who has a friendship with general Napoleon, but ends up marrying the marshal Bernadotte, from the french army – who then gets adopted by the Swedish king and voila: Desiree becomes Queen of Sweden. It’s a work of fiction but historically interesting as the Swedish royal family name is Bernadotte.

#4 – I don’t do facebook. While I do have an account (all in Danish) it’s only to maintain contact to my family there. But truthfully, I don’t use it much and rarely check the newsfeed.

Her Majesty Queen Alex of Tokyo

#5 – My favorite food is… simple, easy and healthy meals. They don’t grow on trees but I find that “” is a massive inspiration… and my daughter is sensitive to gluten so ingredients needs to be chosen carefully.

#6 – I love beautiful green gardens and balconies. But I suck at keeping it green…

#7 – I have 5 goldfish in two aquariums, a rabbit and my daughter has a hamster. Can’t help it; I just love pets!


13 thoughts on “The Versatile blogger award

    1. Thank you Gail for the many awards I have received so far. I may post a united blog post for all the awards… and pick one to pass on. Not sure how to go about it yet and I have honestly lost track of which awards you nominated me with 😥 but I appreciate them all ❤️ thank you 🙏🏼.

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      1. That is an awesome idea… a strong creative challenge. God is the one who is showering you with that love and affirmation of your heart and hard work for Him. HE is the One to be praised in all things! I will be praying for you! Me and God love you!

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