The Jesus heart

It was 2012 January. It was cold and Japan was still much affected by the 2011 triple disaster and I was very much affected by the fact that our child had been traumatized in her Japanese kindergarten. overkwork.jpeg
My body was weak and my heart was slowly freezing. I was trying to recoup so I could help my child overcome. But my mental and physical condition was rather bad. I slept 2 to 3 hours pr. night. This was before my husband sent me off to the doctor to get some sleeping pills… (So glad he did!).

To get away from it all, we went to the mountains in the Kanto region near Mt. Fuji during that January. Just my daughter and me. I thought I needed to get away… It didn’t do my health much good, but the Lord gave me a Blessing I’ll never forget:
While there, we visited the Venetian glas museum, where Jesus met me in one of my deepest moments of despair.
Imagine an almost empty Venetian estate. Inside it’s full of various glass art, from facets to colorful engravings. The walls are all covered with gorgeous art and the ceiling with paintings of beauty. The lighting is soft and dim in most places and you can hear the smooth sound of water from fountains from almost any place inside the estate.Hakone_Venetian_Glass_Museum_002.jpg

The place was almost empty because it was out of season and my daughter was excitedly going from display to display, up and down the stairs, wow’ed by the beauty.
I was scared of the future, frightened at the present and angry about the past.

I looked up at the ceiling, wondering if life would ever work out – and saw the replica of the famous “Last supper” painted there. I found Jesus and as I did, it was as if His eye moved, looked at me and I heard His voice whisper “You will be okay!”.
Immediately I broke into tears. They streamed down my face… I kept focusing on Jesus in the painting. I refused to let the moment go… but my daughter was calling me and I had to wipe the tears and keep moving.

Jesusheart.jpgMy heart was both heavy and yet light. I knew I was in a rut, but I also knew that Jesus had spoken to me. His assurance took the burden off me. I can’t say that life got easy after this, but that day and the rest of the week in the mountains certainly did.

On our way out of the museum, I stopped by the gift shop and I saw a beautiful red glass heart pendant. I bought it despite the price tag being way over what I would usually pay for a glass pendant, and I call it my “Jesus heart”.
He glued my heart that day with His words.

It’s 5 years ago and it’s still fresh in memory and the heart still hangs around my neck.

21 thoughts on “The Jesus heart

  1. When Jesus speaks to you that clearly, you remember His words always. Such beautiful words to remember: you will be OK.

    Your revelation echoes the words of Julian of Norwich:

    “All shall be well, and all shall be well and all manner of thing shall be well.”
    ― Julian of Norwich

    Hold fast to the promises of God. You are not alone. He is with you always.

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  2. Absolutely beautiful! At a low point in my life, I saw a picture on someone’s wall with the words: Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass; it’s about learning how to dance in the rain. I still have those words in my heart.

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  3. Oh yes. The saving grace of those moments. I was in Prague with my husband and son on a vacation. We went to the beautiful cathedral there, For several years I had been in a wheel chair, though only in my fifties. It was wonderful, but challenging to travel in some countries. In Prague middle aged middle class women wouldn’t move over to let us get out of the rain in the street to the covered sidewalk. And one of them looked at me fiercely and hissed. I was crushed. I had never encountered that side of prejudice. The Cathedral was very crowded with tourists admiring all the gold and silver and precious jewels on tombs of Bishops and nobility. There were beautiful statues and carvings around the altar, but no crucifix. My son wanted climb the steps to the dome and my husband wanted to take photos. Both my hands and feet were useless, so I couldn’t wheel myself around in the crowd. They found a dark empty corner to park me while they went off. They were gone a long while and I began to feel sorry for myself. No one came where I was and if they looked in my direction, they quickly looked away. I couldn’t see Jesus anywhere in all the glitter and I asked God, where are you? Then I thought to look up at the wall over my head and there was a crucifix with a life sized figure of Christ. I knew in that moment that He was here with me in my sadness and he had experienced so much greater misery and feelings of abandonment. He knew my feelings from the inside of me. I would never be alone.. His loving presence was so real, I wept tears of joy. That was fifteen or more years ago and I can go back in my memory and sense that love.

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    1. Thank you for sharing your story Eileen. That’s beautiful. In Isaiah it says that the Lord will make us go through hard times, but that He will be with us and when we stray, we will hear His voice behind us showing us the path. Your story here is a beautiful testimony to God’s love and compassion.
      And, had it been me, I would have been crushed too and feeling very sorry for myself. I’m so glad the Cathedral had a crucifix!


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