A short word

bewildered1.jpg“Why aren’t you on facebook anymore…!?!!” she looked at me entirely bewildered and in complete shock. That happened after she first had told me “I enjoy seeing your life on facebook!” and I somehow felt a strange, perhaps with a sting, need to inform her that my facebook account had been deactivated for something like 1 1/2 year. I tried to explain my reasons for quitting facebook, but each sentence was cut off half way as this eager person was trying to convince me that getting off facebook was weird and eye-rolling dumb. I ended up simply stating that “I got tired of it”. It was sufficiently short to be said without her cutting me off and yet sufficiently strong to shut her up.
This actually took place at the gathering immediately following my dad’s funeral, but in her defense, she is both a loving and caring family member, she simply just got totally bewildered that someone could get tired of facebook.

waste-time-on-facebook.jpgI returned back to Japan and began thinking about the conversations I had during last years reasonably difficult (read excruciatingly tough!) summer with friends and family. It was a mystery actually because most of them, though accepting my decision to get off facebook, all asked about it.
I could of course continue with “that’s how much facebook fills our lives”, but I’m not going there…

Instead I decided to heed their requests to open a brand new facebook account in my native Danish and limited to only my friends and family back home… (okay, with so far 1 exception). It’s entirely in Danish and I can’t say that I regret it so much (because I’m really rarely on), but at the same time, I’m kind of chuckling up inside as – now that I sit here a year later looking at that facebook account, the likes and comments that come in are always from the same 1-4 people and those who spoke the loudest last year, are the same people I literally do not get any kind of reactions from. Huh…

I gotta admit – that’s funny! Curiously funny.

Recently I have found it difficult to blog. I have plenty I want to talk about and share with you and of course, all related to how the Lord has literally worked wonders in my life. I began wondering if I had writers block, but I don’t think so as I just wrote something very short about my facebook laughs/thoughts.
Perhaps I just need to take time out… to blog. Get my thoughts on electronic paper.

Until next time!
In Jesus


8 thoughts on “A short word

  1. Glad to have wandered across your blog! I’ve never had a Facebook account, and there have been so many people who disagree with my decision. I am a social butterfly and a procrastinator, and I know that if I had an account I would be on it constantly, and I would never accomplish anything!


  2. thoughtcascadeblog

    I closed my account as well. I got so sick of people that I don’t even like making comments or coming in on something in my life that started a long time ago. I have crazy family members. I have in laws that I do not want to have anything to do with and I would hear about how rude I was to block them … so I cut it all off LOL

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  3. This is wonderful and so relatable. I am trying to limit things like Facebook in order to feed my spirit more of what it actually needs like prayer, creativity, kind acts, etc. it isn’t easy, yet it really is, if that makes sense. I appreciate your blog and am happy to have found it! ❤️


    1. Thank you so much. I haven’t had much time yet to snoop around your blog, but I’ll get there 😉 In regards to facebook, it makes perfect sense. I only got back on because I was asked to… it’s convenient to post a photo of my family and life over here, but I don’t check the newsfeed much. Bless you!

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