I own an overwhelming feeling of gratefulness in my spirit!OozX1_f-maxage-0.gif
My newly started side blog Song of Virginity has been online for about 2 weeks now. It has 2 (okay 3) posts up, got reblogged twice already and currently has 25 followers and counting.



When I first felt that nudge to begin a new blog specifically addressing the issue of virginity and using my own past to speak to today’s youth, I thought
“Yeah… come what, Lord??”… I mean, I should be the last person to speak of virginity – believe me!!
But the Lord just see it differently.

It’s not that I’m particularly shy about it, but it is unveiling my past in intimate ways and sharing things I honestly haven’t shared with many… But the blog stats does speak richly about the need to get the word out there and my experiences are many and both good and bad.Experience-1.jpg

So today I’m filled with gratefulness and will ask you all to give me a hand – let’s speak to young people of today who are facing peer pressure and marketing stunts and what not. Let’s try to give them a heart for Jesus before they gain a heart for “what not’s”…


There’s a link to the blog in the upper right corner of this blog.

In Jesus, for His name’s sake!


2 thoughts on “Thankful

  1. Elizabeth

    Hi. I just visited your new site and loved it! As a mom of three grown daughters and a teacher of many young people through the years, I see the NEED for blogs like yours and like The Pearl Sisters. Have you visited that websit? It is beautiful!!! God bless this new endeavor. (Please visit my own new website, (Growing in Grace…at any age). It has a much different focus — facing the challenges — and Blessings — of aging.)


    1. Thank you so much! I appreciate the encouraging comment and am very happy to have you onboard! I’m not sure I know about the Pearl Sisters… are they on wordpress?
      And about facing challenges of aging, I’m learning that it’s way more difficult to loose weight now than it was “back in the days”!!
      Thanks so much for stopping by. Lord Bless you.


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