Song of virginity – branching out

the-Lord-Jesus-brought.jpgMy Lord Jesus placed a project on my heart.
A project about innocence or more poetically put: Virginity.

I’m not entirely sure why He asked me to begin this journey, but He has His reasons (sorry, but I just love this particular image of Jesus from the movie “Son of God”…)

After doing some research on the subject, mainly to find out where the Lord was taking me with this, I sensed a nudge to begin a new blog and when I read a certain post written by “Beauty beyond bones”, who is a great blogger and one who’s posts I thoroughly enjoy reading, I knew for sure what I had to do.
The blog post she wrote is named V-card and describes the “trouble” of being a virgin today… maxresdefault-1.jpg
So I have branched out and begun a new blog – a side blog to this one – and it’s called Song of Virginity. Please do visit and follow… (it’s new – it needs some support). I don’t, however, wish to scare off any followers of wrestling with faith – dancing with Jesus, so if this subject or content becomes too frank and bold for your stomach, feel free to disregard it…

2538838d64693839146e14faa6149cf9.jpgI don’t write to question anyones point of view, but I do hope that my sharing will get young people to think twice before jumping into sex before marriage, fun before honesty, lies before truths.


What makes me an expert on virginity? Absolutely nothing, except I once was one. I’m by no means here to judge you or pull you either way! The decision is yours.

I didn’t know Jesus when I was “young, beautiful and thirsty”… Ahem…

In fact I didn’t know Him until after I got married. It means that I know the temptations of the flesh in deeper details than I care to express. I know reasons why you should wait and I know the reasons – all the reasons – as to why you possibly can’t.

I have too many scars and only by the mercy of Jesus are the wounds underneath healed and forgotten. But the scars, the memories do not disappear.

Once your innocence and virginity is gone, it’s gone. God does not restore the physical virginity or the response of your body from known to unknown. But He restores your heart! 


Won’t you come visit? Song of Virginity

With Love in Jesus


17 thoughts on “Song of virginity – branching out

  1. A lesson for the youngsters, indeed. I was a virgin before I got married. Even when I was young, I have always believed in keeping my virginity to the man I will marry. Not that I judge others but it has been my personal view that sex, virginity and marriage.


  2. It is so encouraging to read about your endeavors in reaching others for the Lord and for the beauty of purity in this way. I pray much truthfulness in your endeavors in this.

    I personally did not know the Lord until my early 20s. I did not give away this aspect of myself until marriage and I am so grateful for God’s protection in this way, though I was by no means perfect in the areas leading up to such. I myself have such a heart for others in this area, since coming to know Jesus as the only one who can truly satisfy in our search for love in this side of eternity, after much hurt and heartbreak in my life prior to coming to Him.

    Great to discover your blogs and keep sharing His heart!


    1. Hi Amanda, thanks for stopping by and sticking around! Appreciate the comment/s – got it; fruitfulness 😉
      Thanks for your prayers. I do hope to reach some young ones out there with the Song of Virginity blog.


  3. OurNanaYaa

    I’m so glad that this is being done. I feel that my generation has not had a lot of talk about virginity being a good thing which pleases God. It has come into bad taste because we have not spoken about it enough, and we have allowed ‘free sex’ among other things to come to mean ‘ progressiveness’
    It’s sad to seem to be in the minority when it comes to this very important issue. It’s even sadder that virgins are embarrassed to be virgins. If people can say that they believe they have a right to their sexual decisions, we must stand and also say we believe in natural sexual relations and virginity. Others’ beliefs should not by default nullify ours.

    Jehovah God is the same yesterday, today and forever…and so are His commandments.


  4. Omg! I’m so glad to read that. I also only got to know Jesus right before marriage. My husband and I gave our lives to the Lord together, so I too have scars from the past that the Lord has started a healing process on now. I’m also writing about this subject, my testimony. But it’s still in the paper. I want to write my entire journey through the healing of the scars caused by the past. So I totally relate with this and I think you’re bold and brave to say “yes” to this project God put in your heart. I was not sure I should document this journey, but the way I felt about this post, for me it’s a confirmation that the Lord wants us to talk about it and bring the subject to people’s attention. Our mistakes can be a testimony for those who have doubts about what going one way or the other could be like! God bless you and your family! Thank you for starting this new blog! 🙂

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    1. I’m so happy to have you on board! Thanks for the comment – that was encouraging indeed. Please jump over to the new blog too ❤
      The wounds take time to heal but the Lord will use them for good. We do, I believe, need to put the subject out there. For far too long there has been far too much hush-hush about the whole thing and a lot of condemnation within the church itself (ouch…), when a girl makes the choice of following the desire of the flesh and not the Lord. By being open about it we can help enlighten girls – and boys, and they just might be a little less vulnerable to the temptations and might not feel condemned.
      If you decided to begin blogging about this, let me know. Perhaps we can do some guest blogging 😉 Lord Bless you.

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      1. Yes, definitely! If I do I will let you know. I still feel like I need to pray more about it and I also need more time. But it can always be of help to someone. I would love to do some guest blogging with you! Thanks

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      2. Indeed – take your time. But guest blogging could be real fun… If the Lord whispers to you about Song of Virginity, let me know so you can jump on over and write a post! Would love to have you there.

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