God still loves me!

Oh the pride in me! I wish I could cut it out and throw it away or go see a doctor and have it removed. Unfortunately, it ain’t that easy. Pride is one of the sins in my life I have become increasingly aware of and I dislike that, possibly as much as I dislike having the pride in me in the first place. Yuck!

I want my own way or God’s way. Okay, mainly my own way but definitely not other people’s way. I often forget that God speaks through “other people” too and instead of listening and bproud-circle.pngeing concerned about What is right, I often am more concerned about Who is right…

But this morning He spoke through His Word. In Habakkuk 1:7 it says “…and in their pride they are a law to themselves.” 

There washumble-circle.png no tingling in my soul there, but rather a piercing yet gentle swoosh sound through my heart. Looking through a variety of translations, it all boils down to “pride” and making up own rules to follow. It’s a tempting yet dangerous road for every believer and I realized that God wants to take this pride out of me, so I can stand up and be around other people without that feeling of inferiority which comes with social anxiety.

Now that was humbling, but what’s even more humbling is this: Jesus goes through the trouble of telling me this, because despite all the yucky stuff inside me, He still loves me! 

Wait… I need a tissue…crying once a day.jpg

Perhaps it makes no sense to you – the inferiority and anxiety I mentioned: In a simple way; My pride makes me want only my own way/rules. When someone looks at it in a different light I can become stubborn (no way – it’s my way!) or, most of the time, feel inferior (why are they all so much better and more Godly than me! I can’t deal with this, I must get away from this, They are all so perfect and I’m not Godly enough to be here etc. I run, I hide, I pray and I cry). If I could be humble around other people, I wouldn’t be so easily intimidated – especially by other “proud-type” human beings.


Habakkuk.jpgOne thing I really love about Habakkuk is that this minor prophet questioned God – asking the same questions we often ask today “why, Lord, why?!”. It’s clear that the world today is no better (though different) than it was back then and both in world view as well as in my own life, I often want to ask that “why” question; “Why is it like this? Why are some people sex-trafficking little girls? Why are babies left in alleys in some countries? Why are people so hung up on themselves they can’t see this big God who loves them? Why, why, why…” Habakkuk asked God questions like these… and it isn’t irreverent! Nor is it irrelevant!

God answers when He is asked from a heart who wants Him.

God is close because He comes to us. Granted, we sometimes do not get the answer we hope for… but we get one. If we listen.


But even if I do not get the answer I hoped for, He still somehow manages to speak hope into my heart and that makes me joyful and it makes me want to love Him even more… So I praise Him. Just like Habakkuk did.

Remain Blessed in His love.





22 thoughts on “God still loves me!

  1. Habakkuk is so good! It just cuts to so many things that we war against in our walk with God (and those who have fallen away from ). Idolatry, pride. I love 2:14, “For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of Yahweh, as the waters cover the sea.” Oh I can’t wait for that day! 🙂

    And then the striking wonder and beauty and terror of chapter 3, “Sun and moon stood still in the heavens at the glint of your flying arrows…in wrath you strode through the earth and in anger you threshed the nations.”

    Oh, I’m so glad we have Jesus! He still loves us!

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  2. One of my few times when I heard God as though He spoke audibly (though I don’t think anyone else with me at the time would have heard Him) I had been praying, pretty much non-stop, “Lord, speak to me! Tell me what I need to know!” When I paused for breath, He said, “Well then, shut up.” I was so startled I burst out laughing! Humility is indeed essential to hearing God correctly.


  3. Love your blog! Thanks for the encouragement you sent my way in “liking” my blog post as well. Blessings as you seek to honor HIM above all names and listen to the still small voice of the Holy Spirit.


  4. david the Christian

    This might help your hearing from God. When you have a question bothering your heart, think about a story or area of the bible that’s very similar and study it. Meaning that you read it again and again until you find a satisfactory connection. It’s a primitive method, but it’s a good place to start


  5. I remember telling a friend once that God doesn’t want you to have pride so big that your heart can’t be humbled. We were discussing being proud as the world defines it and I reminded her that pride gets in the way of God working in our lives. When I let go of my pride, God did amazing works. But it took me years to get there, so don’t despair, you’re on the right path. And your words are an encouraging water to my soul. May you be richly blessed as God uses you to get his messages out. Much love~


  6. thebipolarchristianblog

    I often ask “why?” but I get no answer. I don’t know how to hear God speaking. I am not very “tuned” to the world around me, let alone God’s voice. Perhaps in time, I will learn to hear.

    Thank you for sharing your feelings and experiences. It helps.


    1. Thank you for stopping by and commenting. I appreciate it.
      I don’t know if this will help you or not, so feel free to ignore it; I once got really angry with God. So angry that I was shouting at Him from the top of my lungs. Seriously… I had such a need to know His will and I couldn’t hear Him, sense Him or feel the peace that usually is found in your heart when you are on the right path. So, I screamed at Him and… basically gave Him an ultimatum: You either speak to me or you can take your faith and s* it… Yeah, I shouldn’t have done that, but Jesus knows our hearts and He understood mine at that time. He knew my heart was desperate to hear Him. A few hours later I had a “flat-on-my-face” experience which could only have come from the Lord Himself. He spoke. He rarely speaks audibly and He will speak in ways He knows you can hear. If you care for my advice (and again, feel free to ignore it), then instead of asking “why”, ask Him to speak to you or ask Him how you can hear Him. If you are an avid Bible reader, then it’s likely He will speak through His Word. If you love nature, then He may use that… etc.
      I will pray that He will speak to you and I shall be waiting to hear from you when He has. May the Lord Bless you.


      1. thebipolarchristianblog

        My, how that resonates with me. I, too, have given God an ultimatum and I got really angry with him. Maybe after I’ve read enough of the Bible, or, learned to listen to the world around me. Maybe then I will know when He is speaking to me. Thank you for your words of encouragement.


    2. Christine

      I have a little saying on my desktop, which I plan on printing out and putting over my desk. It says this:


  7. America has so many of the same problems it makes me wonder who will be raised up against my country to humble us because pride is American’s #1 sin. Thanks for a beautiful personal commentary on this passage.


    1. My dear Jim – I have missed you!!
      Mmm… good point… and a little scary too! In my little international community here where I live I do meet many not-so-proud Americans but at the same time, beyond a shadow of a doubt the most prideful and “I can teach you how to interpret the Bible” people I meet are also Americans… Having said that, I have some very close dear American friends who are willing to stick with me despite my odd “social anxious” behavior, so I am grateful! Love you Jim.


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