Yes… and…

If I had a dollar – or 10 yen – for every time I had said “No”, I’d be one rich mamma!

Unfortunately the “no” never came with a money bank… or the incentive to put a 10 yen coin aside for more positive days.

As I’m learning about stress and my child from various books, I’m also learning about conversations and one book simply stated that a “no” always end the conversation. I may look at that slightly different than the author as my no has often been followed by the “why not” and “but I just want to…”, but anyway; I do get the point – A no does end a conversation (or puts it in a negative trajectory). So I try to learn how to not say “no”… let me be quite honest and straight forward with you: That is NOT an easy thing to do.

My “no’s” are so embedded into my own childhood and so far 9 years of being a parent and oh dear, is it ever difficult to zip the lip, stop and think and then go “Yes… and…” – Like this evening she called out from her room “mom, do you know how to catch a cockroach?”…”eh… no…. what??” to which she answered “then you’re not the one I’m calling!”. Couldn’t really come up with any “yes… and…” reply to that one!

But when I do manage to do it, and also come up with whatever has to follow the “and” part (trust me, that takes imagination!), it does work and my little darling daughter gets the positive vibe and so do I… it’s so positive it’s almost entirely unbelievable.

What it hasn’t done much for – yet anyway – is her anxiety. I was told that the positive vibe would reduce the stress and I’m sure it does, but so far the results hasn’t been seen. Last week she panicked in school and I was called to pick her up. It has reduced the stress in me and there is less strain between us… wrong – there is no less strain between us, it’s just of a more productive kind. Hmm; e.g. we have some tensions when she decides to follow her friends and play after school when I specifically told her to go home straight after because she has a playdate. E.g. more productive arguments. For me, it’s less stress. For her, it’s just another tense moment.

By the way – I did manage to catch and carry out the before mentioned cockroach!


4 thoughts on “Yes… and…

  1. I like this idea Lene! I try to do something similar with my kiddos. Have you ever read love and logic? My wife got into it big time when we had our first and God really brought it around to me years later. Instead of the focus being on just saying the “no’s” we make a focus on choices and why our kiddos make the choices they make and how we can help them to make Godly choices in the situations they are presented with throughout their day. And then also connecting discipline with that as well, giving natural consequences connected with wrong choices instead of just straight punishment. And we’ve seen really good success with this method of the years. We want to focus on growing our children up as Godly women and men who will be in a pattern since they were little of making Godly choices.

    And of course coffee, right?!

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    1. I have never read love & logic. I’m currently trying to eat my way through stress & your child (my daughter is on anti-depressants)… But sometimes getting through a book during summer vacation is a hard bargain!

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  2. thebipolarchristianblog

    Our children are so special to us and we always want the best for them. If I’m reading this right, your daughter is struggling with anxiety and you are learning to cope with it and with child-rearing? I did not see any mention of God or faith in your post today. Maybe you could include Jesus more in your daily walk, especially where it concerns your daughter. I hope I’m not stepping over the bounds here.


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