Satan’s greatest desire

After having just begun Priscilla Shirer’s Bible study “Armor of God” with my small group we were engaging the “Sizing up the enemy” pages and sharing how each one of us filled out the blank spaces. It’s really good…

Then a group member shared with me a sermon by Robert Morris from Gateway church taken from a series called “Love expressed”. I really want to share with you who our enemy was – and is now, because it made me realize just how big our God is! (God really has to help me get this time and time again…); Satan’s greatest desire

We know the enemy can wrap himself in light and we know we must be discerning between right and almost right… but this sermon enlightened me about who the enemy is, where he came from, why he is fighting a war he has already lost. It’s worth the half hour!



7 thoughts on “Satan’s greatest desire

  1. Great explanation. Satan knows the end, yet still his mission is to destroy and take as many souls as he can with Him. But God is the almighty one and through His Son Jesus the battle has been won. However, God is also a judgemental God, I believe God wants us to worship Him and follow the message of Jesus. Times have changed but the message is still the same .God bless


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