Oops, I did it again…

I can’t believe myself. Or rather, I can’t trust myself to make the right choices. Argh! 

On a very long train ride going home after a long day, passing time in the train can be done in many ways; read an old dusty book to name one or an electronic one for that matter. And in this day and age, choosing the right book really shouldn’t be a biggie! I mean: I have 3 bible translations on my phone! But… 

My daughter was playing a Lego game and I mindlessly opened up Pet rescue. It’s a short game of getting all the blocks away and rescue little pooches at the same time. Great for passing 5 min. But since this long ride was ahead of us and I didn’t disable adds on my game, paradise bay popped up and stupid me clicked on it. 

Seriously; before I knew it I was knee deep in this Hawaiian tropical paradise growing food and raw materials, trading with locals and suddenly also with ships coming to dock etc. it’s one of those games where an hour feels like ten min. Which is great for an hour train ride. Not so great when you continue playing after getting home… With my tendency to addiction, I really should have known better; Do Not Click! 

Now it’s Sunday and I just realized how consumed I have been in this game since Friday afternoon. Scary. 

Games are like worries; they keep you very busy doing nothing

I must take this game off my phone and get back to basics; 

Love Jesus

Love others

Love myself (part of not playing games is loving myself). 

It’s mind boggling and puzzling why games can have such an effect on me. I know better… When my head gets out of the game – I really do know better. 

Paradise IS mine. But not in a game designed by humans, but in a new world designed by the master Creater Himself. 

Jesus, I’m sorry! I’m re-adjusting my focus. Now! 



4 thoughts on “Oops, I did it again…

  1. My downfall is “surfing” the internet. Before I know it, I lose a half an hour. As a friend of mine said, “a magazine has a beginning and end, the internet does not (or electronic games). I try to catch myself if I start drifting. There are all kinds of distractions to our desire to be stewards of time.

    By the way, I love the Japanese slant to your blog. My brother lived there for many years and is married to a Japanese woman. I also identify with your Scandinavian heritage as I lived in Sweden in college and my church denomination has Scandinavian roots.

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