Faith, fear and doubt

Can faith and doubt co-exist?
The pastor, of a church I hadn’t sat foot in for several years, began his Easter sermon, with those very words “can fatih and doubt co-exist?”
Well, he got my attention right there (for probably the first time ever).

Is it possible to claim yourself a believer in Jesus Christ and yet have times when you doubt Him and/or His existence? And it hit me; Yep – I definitely have times like that but I really don’t like to admit it to myself and even worse; admitting it publicly.

Most of us have doubts but would refuse an accusation like that because really; it isn’t very Christ-like to doubt our Father in Heaven… But here was this pastor saying out loud that he too experienced the doubt.
And then he continued the sermon with “Let doubt make its case!”…

I took a lot of notes which I rarely do during a sermon and I had to jot it down in my sketchbook, because really that’s all the paper and pen I carry around. But yes, faith and doubt do co-exists. Remember Mark 9:22-24 where a father desperately needs help with his demon possessed son?

FatherBut if there’s anything You can do, please, have pity on us and help us.
Jesus: “What do you mean, “If there’s anything?” All things are possible, if you only believe”.
Father (crying in desperation): I believe, Lord. Help me to believe! 

– And Jesus honors the father’s request and heals the son.

Unknowingly at the time I was taking pen notes and mental notes and 2 of my best friends has during this week asked questions about Jesus and me. Our relationship…. and they are both doubting His existence, even fearing to take that huge leap into “faith” because it’s just not so common or commonly accepted or… I’m not sure of their individual deeper reasons, but I’m praying for them both.

The pastor continues with the solution to doubt: Let it make its case!

Don’t hide the fact that you doubt. Don’t try to run cause you’re gonna be out of breath before you know it. But weigh the options. Is it hard to believe that God created the world? Well, it isn’t what we are taught in school and it doesn’t really make a lot of sense… but when I weigh the option of evolution then it makes no sense to me that millions of years can transform tiny atoms into a vast variety of species including humans with lungs, blood, heartbeats and sweat! But in the end it’s a choice.

I’m not done with this faith-doubt issue, but I’ll put this blog post down for now and let it linger with you creative intelligent people out there.

May the Lord of All Bless you.


7 thoughts on “Faith, fear and doubt

  1. An intelligent designer-God is responsible for all of creation- Genesis 1. Evolution is real, it is still happening now, it is natural science. Georges Lemaître, Father of the Big Bang- was a catholic, scientist priest who founded the big bang.
    Faith, doubt and fear unfortunately do co-exist because the enemy is constantly at work and hates whatever God loves. The enemy continuously tries to confuse us and put fear into us. An acronym for FEAR is False, Evidence, Appearing Real. But Jesus can take away all fear because he took all our fears,sins and iniquities to the cross. God bless you.


  2. fromsinnertosaintblog

    Oh boy, this was good. it’s hard as a christian to say we have doubt, that seems to open the doors. It is human to have doubt. That’s the beauty in miracles, I think it’s ok it’s apart of the drive to walk closer to prove wrong. I was raised with doubt being the devil and he’s a liar wanting you to question God. Faith believing the unseen. Christ walk to golgotha real crucifixion for me


    1. fromsinnertosaintblog

      Sorry 5am buttons are close, vision un focused. but to conclude doubt only last a small second and even the unbelieves will call his name be blessed thanks for sharing.


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