4 weeks of feet up

As I so often do here at home, I was dancing around to some great music with a beat from back “in my days”, e.g. Back to late 80’s early 90’s house music… I had some pretty cool dance moves down back then and a body to match it. – but then one of those dance moves involved a jump and just because I wanted to (and obviously forgot I’m not 20 anymore!?!…) I did the dance jump and kapow, the calf muscle felt like it was screaming in a fiery pain. Ouch! 

I couldn’t walk. But somehow made it to the freezer and iced it. Definitely did not ace that move!!! Still ouch. Painful like crazy. 

Went to see the specialist doctor who gave me the diagnosis of:

torn medial head of gastrocnemius muscle.

Come what now??

Yes – a torn muscle! And a doctor order of minimum 4 weeks of rest and even after that to be careful with sports. 

I had forgotten that I’m no longer 20 with hit dance moves but a past 40 housewife with too many kilos to carry around! 

Not sure what hurts the most; my muscle or my pride! 



11 thoughts on “4 weeks of feet up

    1. Thanks for stopping by Wrestling with faith – Dancing with Jesus and sticking around. So glad to have you here. My leg is healing nicely. Not much dancing yet but 3 more weeks and I should be able to move to the beat again šŸ˜‰

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  1. I think your pride should feel great because you have the desire and drive to act the way you feel, even if gets you injured sometime. I feel it’s better to be happy and have war wounds to talk about rather than be stagnant and listen to other’s stories. G-d bless.


  2. Oh, Lene, so sorry to hear this, but thrilled to hear that you are feeling better after prayer! If you can get turmeric, it is a great muscle relaxer, pain reliever and anti-inflammatory, with no after-effects. We buy it in capsule form and take it as a pill. (I’m sure Japan will carry it – they are wonderful about using holistic treatments.) Anyway, enjoy the rest and get well soon!!! ā¤

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    1. Hi dear ā¤
      I didn't know turmeric had those qualities…Unfortunately Japan isn't a very holistic country at all and I haven't been able to find anything even remotely similar let alone the turmeric. It's all western medicine here. But I'm enjoying the rest and using my time slightly different. More praying comes out when the schedule is clearer šŸ˜‰

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  3. In the name of Jesus Christ I command the torn medial head of the gastrocnemius muscle to align itself,to reduce swelling and to heal itself so that it functions and allows the leg to move without pain, the way God created it to be.

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