Make a plan… but follow the Lord

I’m writing this as a “random thought” kind of post. I don’t mean to point fingers at any particular person, so don’t get me wrong.

Christians are supposed to: Lead good Godly lives, run the race towards the goal, work hard, serve the Lord and always be joyful and have peace of heart… etc. I’m sure there’s more to be added to this list. It sounds to me like we are supposed to look perfect (I’m not one who looks perfect – or writes perfect)

People who has accepted the Lord Jesus Christ to be their personal Savior are humans just like everyone else. The only difference is that believers has been forgiven their sins. That’s such a comforting thought.

The evil one wants to rule. I have been told that we already have a sense of what is right and what’s wrong from birth, but unbelievers are blinded to many wrongs – or deceived to believe that “wrong is right” and the one who deceives, is the same serpent as deceived Eve in the garden. Believers who are sensitive in terms of emotional well-being often struggle with various kinds of fear.

But wait, we are not supposed to have fear for “behold, Jesus overcame the world”. Ah yes – indeed He did and Praise Him for that!! Satan knows that fully well but he will still do anything in his power to persuade the believer to give up on God. It’s called Spiritual warfare. Being a follower of Jesus isn’t easy. But it’s worth it.

Its my (sad) impression that within Christ’s earthly body, some has this idea that believers shouldn’t be anxious or have fear. We are not supposed to. Well… Here’s the good news: With Jesus there is always something to hang on to. The bad news is that it’s not true that believers are not anxious or depressed. Depression exists within His body.

“But”, some will say (and I’ve heard it said), “sin leads to depression so that person couldn’t have been a good faithful believer”. Respectfully I will disagree. The time when Satan becomes most active is when he knows the believer is/getting very close to Christ. In the case of my daughter I have to doubt if sin caused her anxiety/depression (though I suppose it could be mine). She is in fact a far “better Christian” than me as the way she treats her friends with mercy and kindness, even when they do very nasty things to her. Like last week in the classroom a “friend” put her thumb on my girls throat and said “I’ll kill you”… claiming it was just for fun. My daughter doesn’t exactly like the girl but still forgives her and treats her respectfully. It speaks volumes of how much grace the Lord is pouring into her. Had it happened to me when I was in 3rd grade, I would have kicked that “friend’s” b** and possibly not stopped until she was on her knees apologizing. Yes, the school has dealt with it, but I seriously doubt it was enough (not a first time thing) but we’ll see. And yes – I pray for the girl.

I never planned on having a daughter with severe anxiety and a depression. I knew I had my own struggles as a child but I overcame things gradually and I never got help as pr. see. I’m still battling social anxiety though so I know how my daughter feels. At least I can relate. Once I knew what we were dealing with, I realized why everything had been such a battle for me – and her. Sunday school… oh dear was that ever a strain!

I had it all mapped out: We would get deeply involved in a church and eventually my husband would get curious and become a believer too and my daughter would grow up in the church with Sunday school and all would just be amazing.

I made a plan. A dream if you wish. But God just had a different path for us. I’m however not saying that this is all God’s fault! I’m just saying that in spite of all, the Lord will make the path shine so we can walk the right direction.

We go through tough things, hard times and yes, those may include anxiety, depression and medication and physical health etc, because that’s the Lord’s way of keeping us close to Himself. All the time. Every time we fall on our knees and pray (maybe you call it meditation or breathing techniques or “feet up”), we move closer to Christ and push the evil one away.

But we can’t pray all the time…or can we? Paul writes in his letters that we should keep our eyes zoomed in on Christ all the time. That’s also known as “laundry prayer” because you talk to God while you go about your daily to-do list.
We are supposed to pray all the time. What a beautiful thought.
I don’t know about you, but I’m only human and I have on-off conversations with God all the time.

I don’t know where we are going. I don’t even have a goal for my daughter – except getting her through 3rd grade for now. I believe the worst is yet to come, but I trust that Jesus will take us through it.
I made a plan… and then God took over to guide us step by step.


16 thoughts on “Make a plan… but follow the Lord

  1. The Lord gives grace to the humble 🙂 He will raise her up. I was once bullied a lot from grade school to high school. That’s almost 10years of my life. But now I understand why God allowed me to go through all that pain. And even if it was so painful, I am so thankful for it now. It was a preparation for the now 🙂 I will include you and your daughter in my prayers. God is doing something in your lives even now. Stay in faith! xo


  2. Keep your faith, my friend, God will see you through. Believe the BEST is yet to come. Gather Him to yourself and dwell therein. May His peace and mercy follow you all your days. It sounds as if your daughter has a good grasp on God in her life. I struggle with anxiety and depression myself and I know it is an almost daily battle but God is with me and He is with you and His love will see us through the darkness.

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  3. Marie

    Perfection eludes humanity since the apple in Eden. I’m so glad you’ve found peace in your relationship with God through all the struggles. Searching for God in prayer is in fact the only way. All of us are failing if we are 100% honest and I’m sad your church sisters and brothers are falling into the perfection and judgement trap. Your thoughts mirror mine and I was blessed to read them today, Lene! Keep walking with the Lord! Much love to you!

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    1. We are never alone, never abandoned and never lost. I’m actually very sorry that my thoughts here mirror yours… But Blessed that you were blessed by reading my thoughts. I’m here for you Marie. Never doubt that.


  4. Sue in Aqaba

    Oh, I just LOVE this post, Lene! We live in a really messed up world in really weak flesh with lots of other really messed up people – I am so very grateful that Abba searches the heart!!!

    Because of the world situation (and particularly the situation in the Middle East), there is plenty for us (John and me) to fear personally here in Jordan. A verse that has helped me a lot lately is 1John 4:16, 18 (NLT): “We know how much God loves us, and we have put our trust in his love. God is love, and all who live in love live in God, and God lives in them. . . . Such love [God’s Love] has no [eliminates] fear, because perfect love expels all fear. If we are afraid, it is for fear of punishment [consequences], and this shows that we have not fully experienced his perfect love.”

    This is the NLT version and I chose it because overall it’s more accurate than the other versions, but like all translations, it still ‘misses’ a little something. Other versions translate the last phrase as “we have not yet been perfected in love,” and I believe that is much closer to the original meaning.

    Will we EVER, in this life, be PERFECTED in God’s type of Love? I very much doubt it! It is so easy to FORGET His Perfect Love because His Love is so different from ours! So we are constantly having to go back to Him and shelter in HIS Love once more, until gradually we learn, like little children, that Papa will always be there for us and will always have the solution for our problems. It takes a lot of time, and just like children, sometimes we willfully neglect to go to Him, thinking we can ‘handle things’ on our own. How gracious and merciful He is to welcome us back when we return with our tails between our legs!!

    For me, the most wonderful adventure in life has been learning (gradually and with lots of mistakes and heartache along the way), to truly believe with all my heart and soul that He Loves me with a Love beyond my comprehension, and the He truly will allow me to experience ONLY those trials that I am capable of dealing with THROUGH THE POWER OF HIS HOLY SPIRIT. He truly IS sufficient for ALL the things that He allows into my life!!! And He truly is forgiving when I FORGET that and allow fear to keep me from walking in that Power. He is so GOOD!!!!

    Thank you, Lene, for not hiding behind the mask of ‘apparent perfection’ that the church so often seems to expect us to wear. How can we GROW in Grace and Truth if we are pretending to be something we are not? You are a genuine Truth Seeker – they are few and far between – and as always, I am blessed when you share your heart. ❤

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    1. Amen – indeed our Abba is Good and all the time! Thanks for sharing the Bible verse. I love 1 John! If we were so perfect as this “apparent perfection” seems to indicate, we wouldn’t need Jesus and oh Lord, do I ever need Him!!
      Thanks for the heartfelt love you show me. I so love you Sue!

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