and death shall be no more…


“What is wrong with my mom’s family??”… “Why do they tend to die really really really young?” I think… as I’m sitting here typing, trying to grasp the sad news just delivered to my mailbox. My mind is in turmoil and wanders off in all directions – but ends up with Christ.

For when all is said and done, all that really matters is Christ.

As far as I know and as much as I have heard, she never believed. And now it’s too late.

“Oh sweet Jesus”, I think, “why did she not…”- but then I must stop myself. Because it was never really up to me. Her faith – or non-faith whatever that may mean in our world – was not my decision. If Christ had wanted it, He would have pulled her closer.

The woman who passed away Wednesday night was my aunt on my mother’s side by marriage and the last living relative I had on my maternal side with whom I had any contact. She had shortness of breath Tuesday evening and was taken to the hospital where she had a heart attack. She was revived after 28 min but by then, her brain was dead. Her two sons decided to terminate life support and donate her organs. Her life saved 2 others. So I’m told.

Do we as humans have the authority to decide when our loved one dies?

According to the Bible only God has that authority.

And yet – through this unbelieving family, through the sons of my aunt, the Lord used their decision for good. He saved 2 others.

I’m still grasping the loss of this wonderful person. She had only just last month turned 50 years old. I can’t imagine how much I’m going to miss her. She was my aunt, my friend and family. But I’m praising the Lord for saving 2 others through her and I’m thankful to have had her in my life.

I so wish I could say Rest in Peace my beloved, but I can’t and that hurts. A painful reminder that all that really matters is Christ.





7 thoughts on “and death shall be no more…

  1. Beautiful heart-felt post! Thank you for sharing.

    May the Lord bring you and your family comfort and peace that surpasses all understanding to guard your hearts and minds in Him, during this difficult time!


  2. I am sorry to hear of the death of your family member. I am glad to hear that you are trusting Christ through it all. My parents are both gone, but then they were 86 when they died. My youngest sister died a year ago. She was only 61. She just stopped breathing. We were at a restaurant the other day. Our server reminded me so much of her. This woman was going through some hard times. I felt compassion for her. When we left I just started to cry. I think I felt for the woman, for what she was going through, for I had experienced something similar, but I think it was also because she reminds me so much of my sister, and it had just been a year since she died. So, I feel for you right now. Praying for you. Sue Love


    1. Thank you for stopping by, liking my post and taking time to comment. I much appreciate the prayers. The Lord helps us deal with the loss when a loved one is gone. That doesn’t mean it’s easy. Thanks for sharing your story here.

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  3. Russ P.

    I wanted to send you a short note to say thank you for stopping by blog. I hope what you read here was informative as well as a blessing. Please stop by often as I think you will find my posts seem to strike at the heart of the matter whatever that may be.

    I read the post about your mom. I’ve been there. Just know that God loves you both and that the past is the past. As you said, remember the good things and let everything else go.


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