Where the wind blows – Psalm 73

Whatever the weather,

whatever the trials,

whatever the pain,

whatever the sorrow,

whatever the tears,

whatever the fears,

no matter where the wind blows,

no matter what evil shows,

regardless of what I think,

regardless of what I thought,

whenever the world is gloomy…

I have Christ!…

I have Jesus and He is light.

I have Christ and He will shine.

I have my Lord and He IS.

Psalm 73:25-26
For all my wanting, I don’t have anyone but You in heaven. There is nothing on earth that I desire other than You. I admit how broken I am in body and spirit, but God is my strength, and He will be mine forever



11 thoughts on “Where the wind blows – Psalm 73

  1. This is a very true description of God being with us in trials—-but for each of these there is a positive statement to be made. I’d like to see you do that; For example substitute joys for sorrows, etc. I believe God is with us when we laugh and when we cry, when we are ‘up” as well as “down.


    1. And you’re right – He is with us during all the ups and downs. I actually think I’m more “painting the Praise” and “writing the trials” in a sense. For some reason when my heart is overflowing with joy/gratefulness/love I paint.


      1. Sure – if you click on the “art” category you can find 2 of them + the one I made to my dad as well as my earlier paintings (before I met Jesus). More are coming though… and I just finished one which will be posted soon. Thank you so much for your interest. Love ❤ and prayers.


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