Crunching munching breakfast

The TV is like a magnet if you find one of those “soaps” that just really gets under your skin, am I right? 

And once you are there before the screen, it’s kind of like being in a cinema without popcorn… So maybe you are like me and go grab something out of the snack drawer? 

I’m one of those lucky ones with an Apple TV and access to tv shows on demand, so I can set my own time for watching an episode and often that time is morning. Once I have gotten myself up, my daughter packed and taken to school, I got my morning exercise down πŸ˜‡ and can’t wait to get home to my own peaceful breakfast. But a tv episode often lasts 45 or 50 min and if I eat a normal breakfast it’ll take 10… And, oh the temptation of going back to that drawer!

So I have come up with this long lasting crunching snack-like breakfast that’s actually a real health booster but only takes 5 minutes to prepare and I call it crunching munching. 

Slice an apple into boats (the thinner the slices, the better) and you have a healthy sugar kick to keep the doctor away…

Then a handful of almonds and a handful of walnuts, or pick your own favorite nuts of course, and then mix them with a small handful of raisins. Yes, it’s a trail mix… But preferably without any roasting or added salt etc. the raw nuts are the best. 

It will keep you crunching for a good bit and nuts makes your stomach feel really full for a really long time (I actually forgot lunch one day!) and the sugar is natural and will get you off the sofa when the soap is over. Those two bowls amounts to somewhere around 700 cal. No’b, I never said it was low calorie – just that it’s healthy for your body and very enjoyable when watching some favorite tv. 

Now, the real challenge is to stop after 1 episode! 


4 thoughts on “Crunching munching breakfast

  1. What a great idea! I love all those things, and I rarely get enough fruits & veggies during the day. I keep almonds in my snack drawer at work, but all the other goodies are not so good for me. Thanks a million! πŸ™‚


    1. So happy you can use the idea! I have found that trail mix are not actually all that great as snacks (calorie wise) but it can easily replace a solid meal and whatever fruit you choose, the sugar is natural πŸ˜‰ We’ll keep smiling all the way to the grocery store.


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