Gum anyone?

Do you remember sitting at a desk or other table and then found a chewed and “glued” gum stuck beneath it? Gross… In school that happened a lot to me and so I don’t really have a great relationship with gum?!? Silly really.

Chewing gum is just plain bad for your teeth! With or without sugar. Just bad. And it looks really bad when people are chewing gum… well, that’s a matter of opinion I suppose, but okay… I don’t chew gum because it makes my jars hurt, but then again, I can’t stop once I get going and that’s not good either.

However, I read this article here: does chewing gum reduce anxiety
and I decided to give it a go… the next time I’m at the grocery store.

In short, this is what the article says about chewing gum (this is taken from one of the notes found in the article):

“Chewing gum alleviates negative mood and 
reduces cortisol during acute laboratory psychological stress”

I should have known in a sense… I mean, in the movies the expecting daddy-to-be is always pacing the hospital hallway chewing insanely quick on gum. But in real life, that doesn’t really happen. I think. Maybe it does, but it didn’t to me. And given the scene, perhaps the mommy-to-be should be the one chewing the gum!??

Anyway… Gum anyone?


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