Regular feature – Blogging101

I really learn a lot from the Blogging101 course. It’s challenging at times, but there is so much help to get from people who knows the how to and friends to be found in the commons… yesterdays task though were really challenging to me because as much as I want to commit to a regular feature, I simply can’t commit to a certain time to do it.

Life isn’t one happy routine for me and my calendar is always up for a juggling contest. That’s life right? But I do want to make the commitment of posting a regular feature but just not with a regular time-schedule attached to it.

I have chosen a “Throw back” feature.

I did one not so long ago with some photos of my older paintings and I had a lot of fun with it. I am the sentimental type and I enjoy dwelling on old memories so from now on you may receive throwback posts from me 😉

Stay tuned for further dwellings…


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