Who I am and why I’m here…

This new beginning – a new year – I gave myself the challenge of doing the “blogging101” course. It began 3 days ago and I’m already behind schedule, but I took some time out and began with day 3, then day 2 and today I’m “down” to day 1, which is to post my “who I am and why I’m here”…

After revisiting my “about” and “ongoing” pages, I realized that those pretty much already describe why I’m here; To share how God works in my life. It isn’t always pretty and oftentimes it’s hard, but only by sharing can I bring Glory to Jesus when He wiggles His little finger and gets me out of the rut. Time and time… and time! again.

Who I am… well, that’s another ballroom dance. I’m a child of God and I’m dearly loved. That’s what I’m practicing so I can learn to see myself the way God sees me.  But here are a few more facts and stuff about me:

I’m from Denmark (the tiny country up north next to Sweden and though we are very often defined as Europeans, I do very much consider myself as Scandinavian. I have way more in common with the northern neighbors than with the southern).

Age wise I have reached the age when I look my best in candlelight which is pretty much okay with me as I am a romantic at heart.

I live in Japan. The western part of the Tokyo prefecture and I have about 30 min train ride to the outskirts of the metropolitan area. My heart belongs to Yokohama though, of that be there no doubt… I love the ocean and harbor!

I’m married to this Japanese guy who is just way too cute to keep my hands off… and we have an 8 year old gorgeous daughter (but I’m very partial!) who is about to turn 9 in 8 days! Gasp… where did time go? According to her, I’m “the best mommy ever! because I’m the best hugger, funny and clownish”… I am definitely not like most other moms I see on campus, so I get why she tells me this, but I’m confident that I’m far from the best mommy ever because… wow… but I’m pretty sure the Lord Blessed ME with this girl because I’m right for her, so – there we go ❤

I am a Christian protestant, born again, a Christfollower, a Jesus girl… and in His sight I’m (thankfully only) about 6 years old! I’m “out of diapers” but far from mature.

Things that I love… Breakfast at Jonathan’s! (see photo), writing poetry, painting God-inspired paintings, bike rides, walks along the river, archery, reading books, writing my blog, matcha (green tea) latte, coffee with milk and Starbucks gingerbread latte during december, writing and receiving Christmas cards (yes indeed) etc.

I would love to… be able to eat and drink without gaining weight, learn Hebrew and greek, conquer my fears and stress, study psychology, have the ability to pronounce Japanese words etc.

How do I spend my time? In daily life, I take care of my girl. She has school to attend and homework to do etc. I take her to a psychologist for therapy as she has severe anxieties as well as dyscalculia. My husband live and work in eastern Japan and is only able to be home on weekends. I weekly have my small group of Jesus girls and we will study the armor this year. I also read with a one year old baby Christian (what a privilege!). I’m a homemaker and on the job 24/7 without holidays and I’m not whining but just stating the fact that being a homemaker is actually a job in its own right.

Enough about me – thanks for reading and if you already know me – thanks for staying with me. Love you ❤  If you just found me; Very Pleased to meet You! I hope you will stick around 😉




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