The family visit

Returning from the first visit with the psychologist I’m feeling quite relieved and unburdened.

It was a family visit as my husband is home on vacation and thus, a good chance for the psychologist to meet us all. We began with about 20 min of adult talk while our girl was waiting in the lobby. She was fine with it. While waiting she began writing a story in her notebook… The adult talk was mainly about how to help at home and after the psychologist revised and dug a little deeper into the anxiety issues, given that he would now be working with our girl, he understood my reluctance of putting her on antidepressants based on a learning test and as he added, there are no psykiatric doctors whom he would recommend in Kanto area so giving it a really good shot before choosing that road was also his opinion. Albeit, non of us will exclude the option.

Then he spent about 20 min with our girl and after that we were called back in and as he explained to us; this is small steps!! She is to get a new notebook where she logs all her mistakes in, all the times when she feels uncomfortable and does or says something that makes her look/feel bad.

It may seem like a strange approach but in just the short time he had with her she could mention several things and situations where she felt embarrest, but the aim is to teach her that it’s not so bad to make mistakes or look like a fool or… Etc.

so a new notebook it is.


5 thoughts on “The family visit

    1. Tokyo has a severe lack of psychiatrists who speak english – and the few who may be able to handle it isn’t on our psychologist’s “list” so… but then again, there are also a huge lack of good child psychologists who speak english here. We saw one all through last school year and got no where… But with this guy I have such peace in my heart so surely it’s the hand of the Lord!

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