Oh Lord, You are mysterious.

A wondrous miracle of joy delirious.

Who could possibly explain this mystery.

Who wrote the entire history.

What was and what is yet to come.

Alive today to overcome.

Oh my Lord, what a mystery You are.

Shining bright You are the star.

Through any battle, darkness and pain.

You always remain the same.

Even when I fall and shy away.

Your gentle voice whispers to say:

“Come back, come back and stay –

My light is IN you, don’t hide away”.

Oh my Lord, what a mystery indeed.

For a people unfaithful, ungrateful You would bleed.

To take my sins away

And yet I stumble and become a demons prey

Time and time again You whisper my Name.

For You are faithful and will always remain the same.

Oh my Lord, what a mystery You are!

8 thoughts on “Mysterious

  1. abigailjoy31

    This is awesome! It makes me happy to read such beautiful words of Truth, proclaiming the goodness of the Lord! Keep writing, sister! It is a powerful song God has given us to sing, and we must always sing it. Peace be with you. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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