The simple truth

In the midst of chaos what breaks through?
A sweet sense of something true
In the center of heartache so tense
A little light suddenly makes sense
When despair creeps inside the heart
And there doesn’t seem to be a new start
Then the light of the world will break through
And shed light and peace with the simple truth
The truth about love, about Jesus and God
And all of heavens angels applaud

For when loneliness drives the heart to despair
Or sadness has the weight of a bear
Or when it feels like nobody cares
Then Lord Jesus will bring refreshing new air
He will tear down the walls
He will answer any call
He will wrap His arms around you
Protect and see you through


4 thoughts on “The simple truth

    1. Thank you Jim. It’s a rocky road but it’s also a Blessing and I’m not alone in the hills ❤
      I'm very thankful you find my poetry beautiful. Thank you so very much. Many Blessings to you my friend.


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