It’s not about the hurricane

About 2 years ago Natalie Grant released a new single called “hurricane”. I’m not sure how it found its way into my iPod, but I’m glad it did. It’s a good song… All about how God can reach you no matter where you are in life. But I think I have heard it so many times I have downplayed just how true it is.

While listening to this song, I suddenly understood something I thought I already knew… It’s pretty obvious though so I’m not sure why I didn’t get it before: It’s not about the rough spot I was in or about the circumstances of life or the hurricane. It’s all about the Lord Himself and how He will reach in and find me (and you!) in the hurricane… like the song goes “when you feel the rain, He’ll find you in the hurricane” and from recent events in my own life I think I finally realize that God may change circumstances but it’s not about them. I can cry out to Him and He will help me, but it’s not about me (or you). It’s about how Jesus finds me in any hurricane, because of His love and because I belong to Him and because… that’s His nature. Even if I can’t cry out for help, His Spirit will intercede for me.

Wow how beautiful is that! It’s my Lord in action.

It’s all about the Lord.

With love to you in Jesus: Natalie Grant – Hurricane



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