Swept off my feet

If I told you the past week had been a ride beyond description it would be just about accurate. The week began with the hospital starting to talk about sending my dad home. Since I’m here and in his house and since the hospice would prioritize people who are cared for at home it sounded like a great idea.

My concerns were many: Could my dad’s home care helpers handle his pains? They come sudden and strong and frequently. Could my daughter handle his groans of pain? Could I? What would it take for me to care for him at home?… As the week progressed and we reached Thursday, the nurse came and sat down asking what kind of helping equipment was present at home etc. I expressed my concerns and very calmly the nurse told me it wasn’t my concern, but the responsibility of the home care team. Well… if you are the person handling daily things in the home, then “not your concern” rings pretty hollow!

I prayed. I asked my prayer warriors around the world to pray. I cried and begged God to do something, to help me through this, give me strength, patience, endurance, peace of heart…
Well, the Lord did more than that! In a Blast from the Heavens I was swept off my feet: I walked into the palliative care unit room where my dad has resided the past month and found him on the phone –  and a nurse who informed that he had been offered a place in the hospice from this Monday! Praise Him!!…

What is impossible with man, is possible with God!
This is beyond a shadow of doubt the work of the Lord and His answer to prayers. So Amazing that I’m still rather shocked and pretty choked up about it.
The Joy is Amazing. Though it’s a sad time in life and it won’t get easy, He is surely here!


One thought on “Swept off my feet

  1. Isn’t it amazing how God does something when we pray to him—help me! I am happy for you being able to see God at work so tremendously in your life and the life of your father! Praise be to God for his amazing love and grace! Amen.


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