One day at a time

  I’m walking through a fog. Breathing through a haze. A few days ago I nearly went into complete anxiety attack and spin-out-of-control worries. My dad’s condition is worsening and a week ago I was told he is only active about 2 hours a day, are in a lot of pain but thankfully yet still eating somewhat. He is now transferred to the palliative care unit.  In a frantic mind I was trying to book flights and hotels and I succeeded, in tears and nearly dehydration, I tried to get the logistics right. Well, I booked and paid and then I fell on the floor asking my Lord for help. The week was full with to-do lists and things I had to arrange for and there was no way I could see that far into the future. Let alone getting myself to do what was needed. He promptly answered “focus on today”. Instead of worries I found today’s purpose. Instead of anxious thoughts I found faith that “God has this”. Instead of fretting I sought to see only what is needed today. He gave me peace once more.  A quick trip to the doctor to make sure we don’t run out of our medicine during the summer. A meeting with the school to discuss my daughters math comprehension. Meeting several friends for talks and having the last meeting of my Small Group this school year. Finishing up the things and now; packing the suitcases. One day at a time, I made it through this week without going way down into the pit of despair.  We fly out Monday morning.  At this point it’s as if the grief has begun before death has occurred. 

7 thoughts on “One day at a time

  1. Sue in NC

    You have had a victory! Praying many more for you in the months and years ahead. In the meantime, praying physical strength, protection, clarity of mind, boldness of faith, and a spirit of unfailing love – and a time of blessing for you, your Dad and your family. Watch for open doors. ❤

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