Skating backwards to 16

Do you know that moment in life when you realize that your mind has forgotten to keep up with your body? Well, today was my day to figure that out; My mind still thinks I’m 16 while my body has passed the age of 40.

We were in the park. My husband has always been an active kind of guy. Sitting still just isn’t him. Since we had our now 8 year old girl, I haven’t been all that active, except in the mommy-hood department… which is tiring but not exactly a sport. Our girl was sliding and playing with a friend so I thought I would do a round on the skateboard, just to give it a try. Really, I do like these kinds of sports and would love to do it. I’m just not so much into the practice part of it. I’m the kind who would love to jump on and just do it… Just like I have always done with my painting of art. No classes taken, not much practice.

Well, I go back and forth a bit on this board on wheels and pretty quick finds my balance. Doing good girl, doing good… try to wiggle a bit and still doing good… so slowly forward I go and then, unprepared as I was, the board slowly goes backwards and me going “wait, I didn’t do that! not going well girl, not going well”!

In a moment I wanted to jump off but found myself being “kicked off” the board as it started to go fast forward… while I was flying backwards and landing on my behind and wrists on the hard concrete… ouch! Well, I’m fine as far as broken bones go, but I surely have a sore behind and a swollen left wrist which is of course painful. When I got up I just praised the Lord my back and head was okay, then I washed my wrists and – got an instant icepack! Thank God for park-convenience stores!

And now that I have realized my age isn’t 16 pretty ones, it’s 42 and counting, I have decided to take up pilates after the summer!



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