Old friends, suicide and abuse

On the outskirts of the Tokyo metropolis is the station of Ikebukuro. It’s a huge buzzing station with I think 30-something exits.   I was looking forward to seeing Mikyung again. A friend from my time in Yokohama whom I hadn’t seen in 3 full years. Her son and my girl was in the same yochien class. She is Korean though Japanese married with two kids age 8 and 6. 

We met, we hugged, she cried… And she didn’t stop crying until hours later when it was time to part. 3 years ago she was in a bad situation. Today things are much worse. An abusive husband both verbally and physically towards her as well as the kids, especially the son. Drinking and loosing weight blaming it all on his wife. How sad it is!! My heart cries out… She is broken now, has no self confidence left. But I prayed for her that she would become a child of God, asking Him to watch over her and keep her safe. And while I was praying her hand squeezed mine and though salvation may not have come to Mikyung yet, God is waiting for her. 

Mikyung unfortunately had the very sad news that a mutual friend of ours, also a Korean mom to an 8 year old boy and Japanese married, commited suicide last year. She was not in a bad relationship but had struggled with clinical depression for years and had received medication. I don’t know why it ended like that. She was beautiful and kind and when I left Yokohama she was doing well as far as I knew. We lost contact as happened with the majority of my friends from the Yokohama area. But I never imagined… 

After seeing and listening to Mikyung my heart is yearning to help her. She is so loving a girl – and makes gorgeous accessories like this bracelet she gave me (photo). It makes me wish I owned a safe house. A place for struggling souls to find peace and strength to move on. 

Father, my Father – please help Mikyung. 



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