For a moment…

This morning, after a night of typhoon-like downpour of rain, I had my coffee and peanut-whip sandwich on my balcony. The view (see photo) was so green and the air was fresh and renewed. Dew drops on the leafs and the sun rising revealing a beautiful blue sky. The fragrance of morning, wet soil and leafs. 

And for a moment of peace I managed to forget all my concerns, trouble and circumstances and was able to simply breath in The Lord’s refreshing breath. 



4 thoughts on “For a moment…

  1. christkeepscreatingu

    Hi, this is Michael from CKCU,

    First, that picture is absolutely gorgeous! Second, I’m so glad that you’re chasing Jesus as hard as you are–I’ve been snooping around your blog, and I love all your posts! Uplifting, God-filled and awesome! I’ll be praying for you to continue your great journey with Him, so stay strong! 🙂

    I’m in Korea, so I find it awesome to see another Christ follower in East Asia! Maybe sometime I’ll come see you and your family haha!

    I have a question, how do you feel about being married to a non-Christian (that’s ok, no judgment by the way!)? Is it hard? Awkward? I’m in awe of your perseverance and steadfastness for Him, even when some of your closest family weren’t in the same boat as you.

    Thank you for liking our post, and I’ll keep reading yours if you keep reading ours. 🙂


    1. Hi Michael. Thanks for stopping by my blog and wanting to follow! I appreciate your many kind words. Feel free to snoop around all you want 😉. It’s a genuine pleasure to meet a fellow Christ follower and brother! If you’re ever in Tokyo..!

      “How does it feel to be married to a non-Christian” is perhaps a question best answered in a blog post… For now I will just say that my husband is a very kind, respectful, calm and peaceful man and because of that its not awkward or difficult for either of us. He didn’t marry a Christian, so I’m grateful he didn’t take 3 steps back! It’s hard only because he continues to claim he “can’t believe”. But God moves mountains.


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