Nearing the end – part two 

In my last post about the nearing death of my dad, I shared how badly I needed to know if he is saved or not. In a previous post I shared how we had been talking about God, life after death and believing – “Soon – last chance”. Whatever may have happened in his heart the first time we spoke about it, I may never know. But I was certain that he longed for heaven and that his heart was open and thinking about faith. In my heart I do believe he was saved at that point, but because of many doctrines and interpretations of the Word, I failed to trust the peace of heart God gave me and was instead gradually indulging myself in doubts.

But the Lord is so much bigger than any human interpretation of His Word!! I remember a sermon from long ago about a “big God” that changed my life…

As I prayed for both my dad’s salvation or confirmation or opportunities to be His witness… I received God’s promise the morning of May 3rd that my dad would be with Him in heaven, and then my dads own words in the evening, that he has chosen to believe.  Wow… Praise the Lord!
He also told me I listen too much to the evil one… Ouch! 

I have His peace and though I know it will be hard and I will cry and I will feel the loss, I also know that I will be okay. 

Saving my dad was by no means a small deed (I think I have shared with you parts of his story in previous posts such as “A woman of faith”) but God has once again proven to me that He is much bigger and loving than I can imagine. Wow – how small is my faith!! 

Now I’m asking God to be vividly present so my dad can sense he isn’t alone, and for his discomfort to be decreased. 

Truly – Nothing is impossible for our Lord Jesus Almighty God and Savior!

May the peace of God follow you whereever you go. In Jesus. 

My dad 6 months after having spine surgery. July 2014. My dad. 15 months after spine surgery and several chemo treatments. April 2015.


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