Soon – last chance…

It’s now spring time here in Tokyo, April 8th, and outside there are green buds and spring flowers and – it’s sleeting! The weather is becoming as unpredictable as God Himself.


I’m sitting with my hot coffee in hand typing these words, trying to say what is on my heavy heart. Last weekend we had the very close call of an emergency flight to Denmark. My dad’s condition is gradually deteriorating and last weekend his mind was unclear, fever was high and it could very well have been the entrance to the terminal stage of his cancer. But he pulled through. The fever dropped again. The doctors did what they could and my dad hangs on to life.

When I learned about his condition I called him and was able to talk to him despite his mind drifting between clear and unclear. He was sad, so sad. He was crying and telling me how the hope was taken away a little bit, day by day. He knows he will not survive this and yet he refuses to let go. Which is good… But if you have ever been in the same situation, then you will know how painful it is for both him and the loved one in the other end of the phone.

But the Lord is good – and for the first time I was able to talk to my dad about the hope of heaven, how his mom is waiting for him up there and that I will see him again too when my time comes, that God loves him and if he can only believe then he can join us in heaven. He said he wanted to… but then his mind became unclear and he began talking nonsense again. I’m praying for more opportunities like these. If I can only know that he is saved, then I don’t mind if I can’t be there when God calls him home. But if he is not saved when his time comes, then – I can’t finish that thought!

Oh Father, please help my dad!


3 thoughts on “Soon – last chance…

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  2. Thank you Pastor Jim! I do hope you are right… But I am still praying for more opportunities and perhaps confirmation that my dad truly believes. I didn’t mention anything about sin and repentance so I suppose, depending on conviction, there are those who will argue he is not saved yet. But I am sure his heart longs for heaven and that he is now aware of that fact.


  3. I think your Dad’s words, saying he wanted to see you and his wife and accepted God’s love were the magic words you were looking for. God has already saved him, and now he no longer is blocking that happening! Praise God! God’s love and salvation was there all the time, your Dad just needed to be aware of it. To me, his words indicate he now is aware!


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