The Joy of the Lord

This poem is one I wrote some time ago, when a friend of mine had a baby in the ICU with two collapsed lungs. It was a tough time and yet, in the middle of the night I woke up and jotted down these lines in about 5 minutes time.

What is happiness compared to the Joy of the Lord
In this world any happy moment can be cut by a sword
The only true happiness comes from the One who hung the stars
The everlasting Father brings joy and is never harsh
He is loving, kind, patient and all we should be
Instead we often take for granted how easy life can be
Satan has permission to sift us like sand
Troubles and struggles hides the joy as it can
Be grateful for the Lord brings joy and mercy and love
And His Holy Spirit as soft as a dove. 

Blessings in Christ

2 thoughts on “The Joy of the Lord

  1. Sue in NC

    Beautiful! Thanks for sharing this. Our youngest child was a very premature baby but was larger than most full-term babies (8 lbs 13 oz at 5 weeks premature). He collapsed a lung, had sepsis, lung distress syndrome, and a number of other issues. Other babies in ICU with the same or lesser issues died or were in hospital for 6 months to a year. Our son, whose condition was more severe, was home in two weeks! We saw God’s Hand everywhere we looked, even when our son died once and had to be resuscitated. It is a wondrous thing to go through such ‘sifting’ knowing that our Father is in full control and that our trust will bring Him glory! That son is now the tallest and strongest of our three sons, and the one with a gentle servant’s heart. There is no doubt that his experience in ICU had a lot to do with forming that character. (He came out of the womb bossy and demanding, but left ICU gentle and undemanding as a lamb!) ‘Sifting’ experiences can be such treasures 🙂


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