A woman of faith

My grandmother did not lead an exemplary Christian life. She did not lead a life of obedience. But she had faith and she never lost it. She stands in my memory as one of the most precious women in my life. She truly was a woman of faith!

Though she past away about 18 years ago my “farmor” still lives in my heart and mind. Perhaps you too can see the glimpse in her eye when you look at the photo? Yes, I’m the baby in the photo… and she had become a grandmother for the 7th and last time.

“Farmor” is danish for “dad mom” and means “dad’s mom” – or in english; Grandmother.


She had a normal life from the perspective of the time she lived in.
Born in 1913 to a large family living on a farm on the island of Funen, she at age 14 confirmed her faith as the Lutheran church (Danish public church) requires and afterwards she was considered an adult. She was sent out to live and work as a maid on a farm and the farmer in exchange fed her and supported her financially so she could send money home to her family. That was a normal life in my grandmothers youth.

She then met my grandfather who was from the northern part of Jutland, an area famous for being religious – and perhaps especially religious about money. He had no faith and never found Jesus. But being young and in love my grandmother married, left her maid job and moved to Sealand.
Soon after, she delivered the first son, then the second son and not too long after that, she had their third son.

My grandfather worked and supported his family and my grandmother was a homemaker. And a good one too… I have never had nor will I ever again have an apple cake like she could whip up!

One of the things my grandmother enjoyed the most was church. But her husband disapproved of it and she obeyed her husband. But she never stopped longing.
The home was a non-Christian home. My grandfather would not allow grace to be said, ridiculed people who had faith and he was not always faithful as a husband, or so I have been told, but she stayed with him out of obedience and I suppose during this time, she had little or no options otherwise. But she never stopped loving him.

She was a woman of faith who raised 3 unbelieving sons and lived in a non-Christian marriage until my grandfathers death. The very first Sunday after his death, she went to the closest church to attend service and she stayed there.
I was a teenager before I learned that my grandmother was a Christian. My mom told me one day and I remember being very surprised. How was I to know? I too was raised in a non-Christian home, so I had no idea what it meant to be Christian. But I knew the love she poured out. I saw the hard times when she pulled the load. I heard her kindness and gentle answer.

She got cancer and when her time came, she was admitted to a hospice. I visited her at the hospice a few times and I can still remember the last time I saw her. I didn’t realize just how strong a person she was until that moment. With one look in each other’s eyes – We both knew that it was the last time we met in this world. She had no idea what foundation for faith she had laid in me. I may wonder if she knows of my faith now but I so wish she does.

May you all be Blessed in Jesus.


5 thoughts on “A woman of faith

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  2. Your grandmother is a wonderful example of what being a Christian is all about. Although she wasn’t allowed to go to church, or even talk about her faith, or pray aloud; by her love toward those around her from day to day she showed what Jesus taught and lived and she showed it to you and inspired you by her actions. Faith is most contagious when it is experienced, not when it is talked about or read about. I pray, and believe, that your grandmother is smiling as she sees the woman of faith that you are becoming and that you are saying that she was the one who who helped you become who you are. Thank you for sharing this very personal yet very important part of your life. As you have been blessed, I know that you are a blessing to those around you.


    1. Thank you. I love your sentence “Faith is most contagious when it is experienced, not when it is talked about or read about”. It really says it all when it comes to my grandmother. Thank you for following and reading, commenting and sticking with me. 🙂


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