Living in a box

I’m back – okay, I never really left, but our internet here has been slow to say the least, but this morning we finally got “properly” connected and – I’m back.

In all honesty I have much to share, but not enough time on my hands right now. Lots of wonderful things has happened, and a few less than great ones as well. But another day, another blog post.

Back in 1983 I think (or perhaps it was 1987?) a British band called “Living in a box” had a hit song called “living in a box” and it was released on an album called “living in a box”…. Great imagination eh… anyway, the song lingers in my ears, because we are still living in a box here. I got a lot done the past weeks though, and especially the past days due to the internet being so slow (makes you think about how much time you actually spend on the world wide web!), but there’s still loads ahead of me.

Meanwhile, I thought I would share with you the song… if you are into 80’s music, then I’m sure you’ll enjoy this one. Not particularly God honoring mind you… there, I warned you;

Until next time. Love in Jesus – the strength that keeps me going on – living outside the box.


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