Journaling! That’s a new one…

Perplexed, baffled and in complete Awe!

How does the Lord do it… Having me doing something I never did before and right in the midst of all my many stressful circumstances; He has me starting a journal!

Now that is something I have never done before… Not at all complaining about it, but wow: While packing down a house, handling my daughter’s nervous and sensitive spirit, hubby traveling and dad sick and many oversea’s phone calls…

The Lord wakes me up early in the morning (nothing new there really, because morning coffee with Jesus has always been “our thing” (and no, Jesus isn’t picky with His coffee…), and then the other day I just got this weird thought to bring a notebook to my usual “prayer place” (that means; hot carpet and candles just for the cozy feeling) and wouldn’t you know: He spoke! Loud and clear the words came to me “Stand up straight, for the Lord is with you” and He continued with several other sentences. I wrote them all down. I have never done that… literally never.
So this morning He woke me up early again and while starting a prayer, more or less unfocused, I gave up and began just talking to Him and before I knew it, I was turning pages in the Bible, reading amazing verses I have never seen before (or rather; noticed) and scribbling words of the Lord’s wisdom.

I like this journaling and I am even blogging about it!
Praying that it will continue.



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