I have this amazing friend who has a heart chasing after Jesus like no other racetrack car I have ever met before. The feeling I get around her, is vulnerability. With her I allow myself to become vulnerable without even thinking or deciding to do so. I believe that I can say in all honesty; That doesn’t happen with any other friend the Lord has Blessed me with.
She has a crush on prayer! Yes, I think I can call it a crush… she learned how to pray in various ways and truly it amazes me how close she is to Jesus. In many ways I may be a bit envious of that closeness.

Once I surrendered to Jesus, I have found it much easier to trust Him rather than any human being. Not from a “He is without sin and would never gossip anyway” point of view, but from the sense of complete and perfect love I feel in His omniscient presence.

I surely have no recipe for “feeling His presence”. But I love praying and I do so in a vast variety of ways. I can do the standard prayer, the Lord’s prayer, follow some pattern to pray correctly. But really, I believe that prayer comes down to:
Communication with the Lord. From my heart to His and from His to mine.
– And communication can take many forms.

The standard folded hands and bowed head… yes indeed. But I also enjoy “laundry prayer”, which is another word for “having a conversation with God”. I can do this any time, any place. Doing laundry isn’t quite as daunting when you are talking to and listening for God’s voice, message or whichever way He chooses to speak. Vacuuming, dishwashing, folding laundry, tidy up, washing floors etc suddenly becomes secondary stuff you just do.
Or maybe just “praying-on-the-go”. I enjoy taking a walk and just talk with God as I stroll down the streets and paths. It doesn’t even have to be in beautiful surroundings as on a picture perfect postcard.

I realize that to some it may sound disrespectful to the Lord, perhaps some would even use stronger words for it, but I believe that all God ever really wanted is relationships with His children.
Relationships are based on communication.
Talking with God, e.g. praying, is communication.

Prayer is a two-way communication. I must speak and I must listen.
With or without folded hands. Bowed head or my nose high in the air hoping to smell the sweet fragrance of my Lord. Hands reaching up visually giving my heart to Him or to Praise Him or to hold them up as if waiting for Him to place something in my hands… that will eventually end up in my heart.



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