The persecution in the spiritual realm

It’s a new year and though I still have the hope for a less burdened year, it didn’t begin that way.
On Dec. 25th my dad was admitted to the hospital with high fever. Since he is getting chemo his immune system can’t handle any infections.
On the 26th my brother shows up in my dad’s home where my dad’s girlfriend is residing. It would seem that my brother wanted to clear out the garage… which would be very much against my dad’s will and the girlfriend tried to stop him. They had an argument and things were spoken that possibly shouldn’t have been, though I don’t actually know much except what my dad has told me. The argument must have been pretty severe though as the girlfriend took down her paintings from the walls and packed her clothes – and moved to her own home.
The cause was that my brother’s wife had said to her that “if she needed some time off she could just move to her own home as they could “easily care” for my dad.”
My dad stayed in the hospital until January 2nd when he was transferred back home and put into his hospital bed in his living room and… here comes the really sad news: It seems the girlfriend isn’t moving back in. Both my dad and I expected that she would return when he came back from hospital, but she didn’t. When I spoke to my dad yesterday, he said that she wanted to come visit but because my sister-in-law was there at that time (watering the flowers) she declined.
In other words: My brother and his wife and my dad’s girlfriend haven’t managed to agree to get along for the sake of my dad, if for no other reason!
It literally makes me cry!
I know and if you have read my previous posts “In retrospect” and “in retrospect 2 – coffee on the floor” then you will know too that the girlfriend is a highly sensitive person and certainly not easy to get along with. However, my brother and his family are not easy to be around either so I can plainly see the trouble, but still – the girlfriend was there around the clock, of great comfort to my dad and of course a huge help. Now, he is alone, lonely and entirely depending on home care service, the neighbors and my brother’s family.

A different side of my daily life evolves around my daughter and with dad working and living in Western Japan the whole load rests on my shoulders. I’m not complaining as I knew the “deal” when I married a Japanese man; Work comes first unless there are family emergencies. Lately my daughter has expressed some very sad feelings. She is in counseling because she struggles with fears and can’t seem to learn as she goes; Meaning once she has done something once or twice she knows it will be fine.
She clings to the fear of loneliness and after I have been learning more about how to talk to her she is opening up to me and revealing a lot of emotions that pretty much scares the ** out of me. Just the other night she told me “if you die, I will kill myself”. If you are a parent, then you will know how that knife cuts your heart in pieces. She has previously expressed feelings like “I don’t like living” and “life isn’t nice”. I must take this to the counselor… but if I am ruthlessly honest with myself, I do recognize those feelings from my own younger self. It is perhaps something that runs in my family line. But I had hoped that she could find the Joy of the Lord and see how He works and loves her. I’m at a loss and I do not know how to deal with it nor help her.

We also received notice that we must leave the rented home where we live now and move during this spring – preferably asap. So we have to now look for a new place to live.
It ALL comes at the same time.

I know who the real enemy is though. Satan has his nose in every part of my life and it’s literally only with God’s grace I’m still standing. I squirm on the floor, crying my heart out and find Him answering my prayers in small ways – just enough to keep me going. But last night after talking to my dad I felt like my heart went numb. There are much persecution in the world – all over the world now. All with faith in the Lord Jesus Christ are burned, tortured, killed and it doesn’t matter what age or gender. But there is another form of persecution which is also escalating greatly; The battle in the spiritual realm!


Oh my Lord, keep me standing and give me Grace and open my mind to your will at all times. In Jesus with love – May you all be Blessed.


12 thoughts on “The persecution in the spiritual realm

  1. Yes, you are so very right. We aren’t battling against flesh and blood, but against powers of darkness. I am going through Deliverance Training Boot Camp now through Above and Beyond Counseling Ministries. It’s amazing what people struggle with, even as believer’s. Believer’s cannot be possessed by the demonic realm, but we can be oppressed. Deliverance is what set me free from spirits that took root in my childhood and continued to torment me in my adult life. Spirits of anger, control, abandonment, etc. I try to remind myself when dealing with difficult people that it isn’t necessarily their fault, but instead the spirit operating through them. I pray for peace in your life with all that is going on, and pray for strength for you through the battle. Just continue to put on the armor of God girlfriend. Blessings. ❤


  2. Dear Jim. I thank you for your words of comfort and peace <3.
    The troubles mentioned in this post is actually only half the concerns and trials. Albeit they are the most heavy ones. I can very much relate to your friend when he says, he wishes God didn't think he was so strong. I feel the same way.
    A big part of sorting the troubles for me is to blog about them, but I am also in a small group of only 4 Jesus girls and they are of amazing help to me. I do however wish I could see a counselor myself because of all the trouble, but financially we are already over-burdened and my husband can't work any harder (no insurance in this country would cover the fee).
    Whether it's a spiritual battle or not may be a rather deep issue as I'm not sure everyone would define "spiritual battle" the same way. But I could be wrong. All I know for sure is that God is good and satan will try anything to get me to waver in my faith.
    Many Blessings and peace to you my dear friend.


  3. It all seems to be piling up on you, doesn’t it? First, your Dad, second, your daughter, and then the need to move on top of it all. A friend of mine who has lots of problems says that “God doesn’t give him any load that he is not strong enough to bear—but he wishes God didn’t think he was so strong!” When I was a hospice chaplain, I saw so many times that terminal illnesses bring out the best and the worst in families. Looks like some of the latter is coming out, and your brother is thinking more of himself than of your Dad. But I am not one to judge. I have seen some miraculous “turn-arounds” in families also as they come to a realization of what they are doing to their loved one and change their attitude. I hope this happens in your family and with your father’s girlfriend. I know you feel helpless to do anything, and I cry with you about that! You are certainly doing the right thing about your daughter having counseling.
    It seems that when things have piled up on me in the past, it helped a lot to sort them all out.. You sound like a very strong, intelligent, sensitive and loving mother and wife. It might help if you can sit down with a close friend or counselor and have them help you sort things out, prioritize what is most important, and what, if anything you can do about each of your challenges.. Then work to do what you can. I’m not sure it is a spiritual battle, but just a battle that comes to many of us that is called “our lives.” As one who has lived a life of 79 years and has met many crises through the years, including the death of a wife of 54 years, both parents, and some very close friends, I can only urge you to keep your faith, let God be your strength, and let God lead you to find others who will accompany you in this difficult journey of life you are going through. I am far away but know that I pray for you, I care about what is happening to you because you are a child of God, and I know that God caresfor you and walks with you. God cries with you in your pain as God laughs with you in your joy. May God laugh more than He cries!


  4. Sue in NC

    The battle truly is escalating! YHVH must have great confidence in your trust in Him – He allows these things to give us the opportunity to trust Him and let Him “do His thing.” He is giving you many opportunities to partner with Him!! 🙂

    My heart really goes out to you on the matter of your daughter. We all want our children to be happy and carefree. It is so disturbing when they are not; especially when we know that their sense of insecurity is based on lies the enemy is whispering to them. He exploits the weakness of the flesh. That, of course, is the source of all fear. We think we have to handle everything, and we fear that we will not be able to. The enemy appeals to that self-centeredness – and exploits it. YHVH, on the other hand, is perfectly loving and perfectly trustworthy, and perfect love “‘casts out all fear.” That’s how we can be certain that when we are taken captive by fear, there is absolutely no doubt that we have become the prey of the flesh and the enemy.

    I will try to be more faithful to pray with you for your daughter’s fears. Let’s pray for a miracle. She is still young and emotionally flexible – there is time for her to wipe away the cobwebs of fear and create strong new connections of faith and trust.

    Personal testimony: When I was about 4 years old, a demon tried to get influence over me. Every night it would come and sit in my bedroom window – a very threatening presence. I was so scared!! I felt so helpless! But after a couple of nights of this, I remembered my Sunday School teacher telling me, “Jesus is your best friend, and He will take care of you.” So in my little 4-year-old way, I prayed and asked Him to get rid of the scary thing in my window. My mother told me that the next day I came downstairs singing and full of joy. When she asked me what I was so happy about, I told her, “I saw Jesus last night!” I have no memory of that at all, but I remember clearly that the demon never sat in my window again! That was probably the beginning of my own sense of confidence that there is nothing to fear if I am trusting Y’shua. I will be praying that YHVH will give your daughter a similar opportunity to put her trust in Him – He will vindicate her trust!!!!

    With much love,


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