I take comfort

Looking at my life, the circumstances, the trials, the pain… What can I take comfort in?

The Hope of Heaven.

That God chooses His own.

That His promises are true and will stand.

That His love endures and His grace is free.

That despite the pains of this life, He is Emmanuel and with me all the time. A-l-l the time.

That after these many tests and trials, there will be Blessings I can’t imagine.

That after this earthly life, Jesus is awaiting me in Heaven.

That is my comfort. This is my peace.


4 thoughts on “I take comfort

  1. Your poem speaks from your heart—but I would find only one problem with it. The line that “after this life, Jesus is waiting for me in Heaven.” I would say Jesus is right there with you NOW—-not waiting in heaven. He is crying with you in your dark moments, he is standing by your side giving you a strength you need to face the trials of each day. Listen for him—-feel his presence! Jesus is always there. You don’t have to go to Heaven so you can be with him.


    1. Thank you for the words Jim.
      You might notice a line further above the line you mention where it says “He is Emmanuel and with me all the time. A-l-l the time”. I know He is with me here and that is also my peace. What I mean with Jesus is waiting in Heaven is that “He is seated at the right side of the Father” and once I get to that point, I get to see Him face to face. That is a tremendous award, the crown of life, an eternity in His presence without the pains found in this world. If that thought is not comforting, then I don’t know what is <3.
      Many Blessings to you and thanks so much for reading.


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