An authentic facebook!


I both like and dislike facebook at the same time. Anything that goes on facebook becomes “public” and that’s just fine, but has that ever made you stop and think about who you become facebook friends with?

One thing I notice is that the vast majority of my facebook friends post lovely wonderful grateful loving cute adorable admirable thoughtful posts and photos… Isn’t it wonderful how amazingly carefree our lives are, but has it ever occurred to you why the posts are so positive all the time?

I recently gave my facebook a huge overhaul. It has been on my mind for a while, but now I realized it was time. Given the fact that my dad is very ill now with cancer, I want him to see my life in words and pictures daily and since there are other family and friends in Denmark who wants to join in, I created a list of Danish people. Now I can post to them and be authentic in my posts. I don’t need to just post the picture perfect posts.

Wait – “I don’t need to post only the picture perfect postings”… did I really just write that?? Recently I saw a chain of flower posts supposedly to eliminate those “gloomy posts” that was all over facebook. I personally never saw a “gloomy post” and I’m not sure I would know what it was anyway. But I feel that I can’t be authentic and honest in my facebook postings, so why do I have an account? and why do I follow everyone else’s game of “only the good stuff” goes on facebook?

As I looked at my facebook I saw what was no longer an authentic “book” showing my life as it really was, when I began… now it was just another show-off. Mixing gently in with all the other facebook show off’s of cute kids eating homemade cake. Well… I have had it. I want an authentic facebook that reflects my life and it isn’t always a pretty sight.

Can we love someone across the globe like Jesus wants us to via facebook? Yes! we can and  we should. Have you ever found it difficult to love someone who always complain? Of course. Have you ever found it difficult to love someone who look and act perfect all the time? I sure have… and they are both hard to love. But I can pray for them, hoping that their facebook really  isn’t a reflection of how gloomy a life they live, or it is a reflection of their true lives with beautiful kids and not a kilo too much on their bodies… despite the homemade cakes.

God says not to lie. Lying by omission is also a lie. So why not have an authentic facebook that can and will give God the glory every time He turns things around? Why not… really! Wouldn’t unbelieving friends find that more attractive, than someone who is always perfect in everything…? And… dare I ask this; Wouldn’t the Lord God Almighty not be far more Glorified that way?

I believe that God wants us to give thanks IN ALL circumstances, but He doesn’t want us to thank Him for the circumstances… Though complaining about them shows a distrust in God’s way for us, hiding the circumstances doesn’t help bring things into the light. We must share to be able to carry each other’s burdens. That sharing should be authentic.

But hey, it’s just me… and on my facebook from now on, I will be just me. Love it – or leave me.


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